Desperate for a camera? These are 4 of the coolest cameras on sale for under $4,000


Finding an affordable camera for your toolbox is an adventure. Let us help you with our offers of the week.

Cinema and mirrorless cameras can fall into two categories: those you buy for yourself and those you rent. At No Film School, we’re big believers in staying on budget, so we’ve found two amazing cameras on sale for under $4,000. Additionally, we have two honorable mentions that, although not for sale, are fresh off the production line.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer who needs video to bolster your toolkit, or you’re roaming a tropical rainforest to shoot a documentary about native flora and fauna, there’s a camera on this list. for you.

Panasonic Lumix BS1H

The only Netflix-approved camera on this list (if that means anything to you), the Panasonic Lumix BS1H is a modular digital cinema camera with a small form factor that houses its full-frame sensor. It features a 24.2-megapixel sensor, Leica L lens mount, and a wide dynamic range of 14+ stops to accommodate extreme lighting changes when recording in V – Log.

It records video at resolutions up to 5.9K as well as C4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD4K, and it integrates VariCam Look workflows. Its compact design is suitable for cine drones and remote setups, and is expandable to be a great asset for cinematic work and multi-camera broadcast work. The camera features native dual ISO using its Venus Engine, anamorphic support, advanced AF (autofocus), extensive remote and power options, and supports HLG color ( Hybrid Log-Gamma) for vivid images to facilitate professional color grading.

You can even get ProRes RAW using an Atomos recorder such as the Ninja V or V+. We’re pretty sure there’s also BRAW support, but press releases from both camps are a bit vague, so please do your own testing first.

Canon EOS C200B Cinema Camera

Canon’s EOS C200B EF Cinema Camera features a Super35 CMOS sensor and Dual Pixel autofocus. The EF lens mount is compatible with Canon’s existing wide range of DSLR lenses and its range of EF mount CN-E zoom and cinema prime lenses. The Super35 sensor is paired with Canon’s Dual DIGIC DV 6 image processor, allowing it to capture and record up to DCI 4K resolution. The camera records in Canon’s Cinema RAW Light internally via CFast card and also incorporates dual SD card slots for recording UHD 4K/HD MP4 video. It features a dynamic range of around 13 stops and an ISO range of 160-25,600, as well as support for Wide DR Gamma, Canon Log and Canon Log 3.

The best thing of all is the internal 2-stop (1/4), 4-stop (1/16), and 6-stop (1/64) NDs. Although it doesn’t have an EVF like the regular C200, this slimmed down version is more affordable and packs the same punch.

Honorable mentions

Blackmagic Design 6K G2 Pocket Cinema Camera

This new version from Blackmagic is an update to the BMPCC 6K and features the same case as the 6K Pro. It unfortunately removes the internal NDs and doesn’t have as bright a screen as the Pro version. However, it’s the same camera for a little less money.

Features inherited from the 6K Pro include a 5″ tilting touchscreen LCD, Pro EVF and battery grip options, two mini-XLR audio inputs, an NP-F570 L-series battery slot, and Gen 5 color science upgraded By eliminating ND filters and reducing the brightness of the 6K Pro’s 1500 cd/m² LCD, Blackmagic now allows users to choose between two near-identical 6K models that best suit their priorities.

It also comes with DaVinci Resolution Studio, which costs around $300 on its own.

Fujifilm X-H2S mirrorless camera

It is also the latest version from Fuji. BBalancing strong photo and video capabilities, the Fujifilm X-H2S is a multimedia mirrorless camera featuring a new X-Trans stacked sensor, refined autofocus and subject detection, and impressive 6.2K video recording. It’s the first X-series camera to feature a stacked sensor, which increases readout speeds and improves low-light performance over previous generations.

First, it uses the unique color filter array which inherently minimizes moire and contributes to more natural color rendition; second, the BSI design helps reduce noise and improve tone and clarity; and, finally, the stacked design dramatically reduces rolling shutter and other motion distortion to better suit high-speed video and photo applications.

The X-H2S has a comprehensive recording system that puts this camera in the ‘mirrorless’ category and works for both video and video. Internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording is possible in both DCI/UHD 4K up to 120p and Full HD up to 240p, as well as application-friendly 3:2 6.2K open-gate mode anamorphic. A variety of codecs are also supported, including H.265 and three levels of ProRes: the high-bitrate 422 HQ, the standard 422, and the more compressed 422 LT. Additionally, continuous recording times of up to 90 minutes are possible at all frame rates and resolutions. There is also support for external BRAW and ProRes RAW.

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