Digital Studio TheSoul Publishing dominates the number of viewers on YouTube


YouTube Shorts, the video platform’s answer to short viral content in the TikTok vein, launched this summer and the best creators in the space are starting to emerge.

TheSoul Publishing – a collective of top rated YouTube channels and owner of the 9th most watched vertical craft family, 5 minutes – has the best performing short to date with almost 433 million views.

As one of the format’s first brands, TheSoul’s family content has already racked up five billion views in the past two months. Its main YouTube hub for 5-Minute Crafts just celebrated five years of creation and has racked up 21 billion views.

“The upward trajectory of TheSoul Publishing is so exciting, but what’s even more inspiring is seeing the different ways they continue to innovate through new product features like YouTube Shorts,” said Rollo Goldstaub YouTube content partnerships. “With YouTube Shorts, creators like TheSoul Publishing can try out a new form of creative expression to reach their fans, adding yet another way to continue to grow their incredible global business through their YouTube channel.”

TheSoul Publishing also collaborates with TikTok IAP, Facebook live feeds and Pinterest Takes. The company’s strategy combines creativity, data and research to develop videos on more than 100 brand channels in 19 different languages. A big factor in the increase in viewership, according to TheSoul, has been the global pandemic, during which abbreviated numbers rose 84%. They also have 1 billion subscribers across all properties, per Tubular.

“TheSoul Publishing has enjoyed a strong partnership with YouTube over the years and as such we are proud to contribute to the success of YouTube Shorts,” said Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing. “We are always identifying new features and formats to delight our viewers, and at this time, Short Content is performing particularly well in our portfolio. “

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