Disco Elysium Creator Files Lawsuit Against Former Employer Studio ZA/UM



The creator of 2019’s acclaimed narrative RPG, Disco Elysium, is suing his former employer, Studio ZA/UM, in an Estonian court.

The creator and main author of the narrative RPG Disco Elysee filed a lawsuit against his former employer and Disco Elysee Studio ZA/UM developer. The trial is coming soon unintentional removal of several key developers from Studio ZA/UM beginning of October.

Disco Elysee is a 2019 narrative RPG developed by Studio ZA/UM with a strong emphasis on narrative choice. Playing the role of an amnesiac detective who wakes up with a hangover and no memory of his past, players strive to solve a murder case by interrogating the many eccentric inhabitants of Elysium using a in-depth dialog tree. The game received praise from players and critics for its strong storytelling and exploration of philosophical and political themes. Recent reports have highlighted growing tensions between the developers of Disco Elysee and management at Studio ZA/UM, leaving the future of a potential Disco Elysee 2 in limbo.


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A recent Tech News Space story revealed that Robert Kurvitz, lead designer of Disco Elysee and founding member of Studio ZA/UM, filed a lawsuit against his former employer in an Estonian court. While details of the lawsuit weren’t disclosed in the filing, it seems likely that the lawsuit could involve issues stemming from dissatisfaction with Studio ZA/UM’s new management in recent months. Kurvitz is one of many key developers who have left or been fired from Studio ZA/UM since the release of Disco Elyseewith other departures, including the game’s screenwriter, art director, and publisher, though recent job offers from Studio ZA/UM indicate that the studio is still working on new titles.

Studio ZA/UM was founded as an offshoot of the cultural association ZA/UM, a loosely organized collective of artists, writers and other creators. Disco Elysee was the first title released by the studio. The studio received funding from venture capitalists to help develop Disco Elysee, which allowed the creative team to deliver their vision for Elysium as planned, but seems to have created a clash of cultures between the artistic and financial sides of the business. Following the ongoing disputes between the commercial part and the creative part of Studio ZA/UM, a founding member of the cultural association ZA/UM announced its dissolution at the beginning of October.

Disco Elysee was praised for its clever and nuanced take on society and class, but now it seems a real class struggle has developed between the artists who created the game and the businessmen who made it. finance. While it may take years for this case to make its way through the courts, a philosophical clash between creatives and business elites seems like the type of storyline that would be right at home in the project. Disco Elysee TV series.

Disco Elysee is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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