Disney CEO responds to complaints that the studio is ‘too wide awake’



Disney has attempted to be more inclusive than ever in some recent releases, but this has led to backlash online claiming they’re “too wide awake”.

disney isn’t “too awake,” according to CEO Bob Chapek. The Hollywood giant has come under fire recently over a number of recent changes regarding inclusivity and diversity in the studio’s output, including the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel in its live action. Little Mermaid redo, inclusion of a homosexual kiss in Light year and several additions to the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. This has all led to complaints that the company is going to wake up for revival’s sake, but it’s something that Chapek says is something “more complex” than many realize. He told the the wall street journal:


“I think the more complex something is, the more you really have to go into the basics and we want our content to reflect the rich and diverse world we live in. And, again, I guess that’s another way of say, ‘Catering to your audience. But the world is a rich and diverse place and we want our content to reflect that. And we’re so lucky to have the greatest content creators and they see it that way.’

“I always say, when someone walks down the main street and looks at the castle, you don’t think ‘I’m on one side of the political spectrum or the other’, you have a shared belief in all the wonderful aspects of what Disney is. I want to use Disney to bring people together, and I think we’ll do that with diverse stories and diverse characters.”

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How has Disney integrated diversity into its films?

For many years, The Walt Disney Company has been criticized for its lack of diversity. This included casting mostly white men as major heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and many white actors in prominent voice roles for classic Disney films such as The Lion King, Toy Story and Frozen. However, in recent years there has been a massive shift in the number of roles given to women, people of color and people. members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it has also led to a number of complaints about Disney’s “wake-up call” from social media users who disagree with some recent castings.

Disney live action The beauty and the Beast remake cast Josh Gad as the studio’s first gay character when he took on the role of Le Fou, whose revelation led to the film being banned in some countries. Complaints have also been filed against a gay kiss in toy story Lightyear spin-off film, same-sex couples being included in a number of Marvel movies, casting Rachel Zegler as Snow White, Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid, and many more.

Although the subject of diversity is not easy to solve, Disney is only one of the studios that must constantly distinguish between being faithful to the source material and being diversified when adapting well-known works in new TV shows and movies. How they will continue to do so in the future is a question that is clearly constantly considered by Chapek and the rest of his team.

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