Dr Disrespect reveals that Deaddrop is his studio’s first game


Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm’s AAA game studio Midnight Society officially unveiled its first game, DEADROP, at a live event in Los Angeles on Friday.

Originally named “Project Moon”, Deaddrop’s official name, logo and first look at its gameplay has been made available to the many industry insiders and invited esports organizations, as well as anyone who are connected to the studio’s social media channels. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Deaddrop.

Deaddrop is said to be a free-to-play PvPvE first-person vertical extraction shooter.

As part of the big reveal, Midnight Society’s 50-second teaser for the in-development title showcases the kind of setting players can expect: “the future through the lens of the 80s and 90s.”

According to the studio’s website, Dedrop is set in the year “2020.b”, 40 years after the start of a period known as “Climate Wars”. Population and pollution levels soared, causing self-governing city-states to build “refining states,” gigantic tower structures that extract toxins from the stratosphere.

The mined pollutants apparently produce a refined concentrate that serves as the sole export of these city-states: an addictive substance called “Space Dust” that is “bricked, cut and sold” to those in the sprawling urban cities surrounding the structures.

The lucrative trade in “Dust” has since led to factions – made up of “Cleaners”, “Skins” and “Syns” – battling for control of the towers in an endless struggle for resources and equipment.

Deaddrop key art

Key art from Deaddrop / Image courtesy of Midnight Society

Those who stayed in touch with Midnight Society’s NFT-prompted Access Pass program also had the opportunity to download Deadrop’s first “Snapshot”, playable demos focused on specific milestones released every six weeks.

Titled “Snapshot_CL 1859”, the first demo allowed players to fire an Assault Rifle at Dedrop for the first time at three different firing ranges.

“The goal of this build was to establish the basics of core player movement,” reads the Midnight Society dev blog, “weapon systems and introduce an environment in which to test the first weapon Additionally, Snapshot_CL 1859 marks the start of authentication, profile, account, dedicated server support, and code to support Deaddrop’s future multiplayer functionality.

According to a tweet quoting Midnight Society studio director Robert Bowling during the event, the next version of the game will be “bigger”, “better”, more accurate” and “faster”.

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