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Former Sledgehammer Games developer and current YouTube streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has his own game studio called Midnight Society, and this week we finally got to hear more about the game the group is making. On the game’s site, a post shared there revealed that the new game currently dubbed Project Moon “is a vertical extraction shooter” with PvPvE elements. Other details shared laid out how people will be able to try out the game as it develops, though those plans were met with some criticism which in turn prompted a response from Dr Disrespect himself.

In March, the developers announced that “access passes” would be the means for players to access the game as well as a way to vote on “key design decisions”. These Access Passes are essentially like the Founder’s Packs in other games and give people a playable “variation” with the entire Access Pass created “using environmentally friendly NFT technology. “.

We’ve known all of this since March, so fast forwarding to this month, we’ve now learned that the game will be playable via “Snapshots” which will be released every six weeks.

“We will be releasing Snapshots, which are playable experiences focused on specific stages, every six weeks,” the blog reads. “Each stage has feedback settings regarding weapons, player abilities, gameplay, and in-game playspaces. Our team will collect feedback, prioritize it, and apply it to future snapshots.”

Describing these snapshots in more detail, the Midnight Society team said that they are “vertical slices of key aspects of the game intended to focus community discussion on specific features or mechanics that we are actively building. “. An event scheduled for July 29 in Los Angeles will feature the first of these snapshots which consists of different shooting exercises.

Amid previous talk of NFTs and now about releasing snapshots every six months, some people were concerned about the game’s durability. A tweet from Paul Tassi elicited responses from several game developers who weighed in on the matter with Dr Disrespect finally responding sarcastically that the Midnight Society group forgot to implement their plans by the “Gamedev people.”

The first Snapshot doesn’t have a set release date yet, but expect to hear more about it on July 29 at the Los Angeles event.

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