Dr Disrespect’s studio just added some serious Halo talent


Fennell isn’t the only veteran developer Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society have picked up recently. Back in April midnight society announced that it has hired Jim Gray, who previously worked on “Call of Duty” and one of the many “Star Wars” games, as Director of Gameplay Engineering. Midnight Society’s career page currently only has nine open positions, so it looks like the studio has no trouble finding talent to make “Project Moon.”

As for the game Midnight Society is working on, very little is known about “Project Moon.” According to the studio’s website, its current project is listed as a community-focused PvP game. It’s also being developed on Unreal Engine 5, and fans willing to sign up early and purchase a Founder’s Pack can play it early, although Founder’s Packs are currently sold out. It is unknown if more will be available in the future. It’s important to note that Founder’s Packs will not grant any in-game benefits when “Project Moon” is officially released.

Although the Battle Royale game of Dr Disrespect is probably quite a long way from release, you can get Dr Disrespect in another game. Thanks to dedicated fans, the double champion can be downloaded in “WWE 2K22”, entering the ring before other content creators, like Logan Paul.

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