EcoFlow DELTA 2: price, specifications, release date revealed


EcoFlow is a manufacturer of portable solar power stations, and I looked at the awesome EcoFlow River Max earlier this year. Now EcoFlow has announced the EcoFlow DELTA 2 1Kw. This new power station uses the latest technology that allows a full charge in just 1.3 hours; not only that, but the station is capable of powering 90% of home applications and devices, in reality this means it is well suited for many photographers and videographers working on location.

The new power plant addressed one of the biggest technical issues with these compact power supplies. This issue is about charging times, and here EcoFlow has beefed up charging technology to ensure faster charging times than ever before. EcoFlow has also made the new DELTA 2 fully compatible with expandable battery modules up to 3kWh, a key feature that will improve usability for image makers.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 stands out in an ever growing market with an 1800W AC output which is more than enough to run small production including; lighting, cameras, workstation and everything except the kettle or at least the one we currently use.

“Building on the success of our original DELTA portable power station, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 demonstrates our commitment to refining our existing technologies,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow. “A seven times faster charging speed than the industry average, up to 3KWh of expandable capacity and a powerful output make the DELTA 2 a modern essential device for any family. Whether used at home, outdoors or on the go, the DELTA 2 sets a new benchmark for environmentally friendly power solutions.

Expandable batteries aren’t new, but it’s for a system of this size and worth considering. Adding one of the DELTA Max batteries allows you to quickly expand power to 2048 Wh or 3040 Wh. This not only gives you more power when you’re away from the studio, but also allows you to tailor the kit you carry and the weight to suit your day’s needs.

Best-in-class charging speeds

Waiting for your power station to charge can be a long time, but EcoFlow has solved that problem with the latest version. The use of X-Stream technology allows ultra-fast charging. Using maximum charge input, the Delta 2 will charge from 0-80% in just 50 minutes and achieve a full charge in 80 minutes.

Go green with DELTA 2 solar generators

Next to the power station are the EcoFlow solar panels. These can be used to fully charge the DELTA 2 with a maximum solar input of 500W. Using solar power rather than AC for charging recharge times is still good at three to six hours using two 220W portable solar panels or one 400W.

Safe power supply for 90% of devices

One of the biggest problems with any power station is maximum power output, with each device plugged in consuming more power. Luckily, the DELTA 2 has a decent 1800W AC output, which is more than enough to run most cameras and video cameras.

Give an example of MacBook Pro and HD two standard 4K monitors that will take 400-500W; add three-point source lights and cameras, and you’ll still have a little headroom for that 1800W. If you tip the scales and plug in one device too many, the X-Boost technology will kick in, preventing battery overcharging for devices up to 2400w.

Industry leading life

At the heart of the new EcoFlow DELTA, 2 is the LFP battery; it’s the same type they use in Tesla vehicles and has a lifespan six times longer than the industry average at 500 cycles. As a result, this powerhouse has the potential to be recharged 3,000 times over its lifetime.

An advanced BMS (Battery Management System) protection system is included to ensure the integrity of the high-quality battery, which monitors performance to ensure safe power supply. The battery also comes with an exclusive five-year warranty.


The EcoFlow DELTA 2 will cost €1,199 (£1,099) and will be available on EcoFlow’s websites on September 16.






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