Epic Games buys Rock Band Studio Harmonix to make music for Fortnite, but is that it?


Harmonix is ​​arguably best known for its iconic Rock Band franchise, which allows us to live our dreams of taking the stage and dazzle enthusiastic crowds with our guitar riffs, drum beats, and awesome vocals (or getting booed). ). The studio’s CV contains other notable titles including Dance Central and more recently Fuser. However, whatever he has in store will be Fortnite related.

It’s because Epic games today announced that it has acquired Harmonix. Neither company is revealing too much at the moment, but Epic has said it will work closely with Harmonix to “develop musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite.” And in case you were wondering, Harmonix and its new owner will also continue to support existing games, including Rock Band 4.

“Harmonix has always aspired to create the world’s most popular interactive music experiences, and by joining Epic we will be able to do it on a large scale,” said Alex Rigopulos, Co-Founder and President of Harmonix. “Together, we’ll push the creative limits of what’s possible and invent new ways for our players to create, play and share music.”

Get acquired by a company with the kind of almost infinite resources available to Epic is probably a dream come true for the current Harmonix team, especially given their journey to this point. The team can now focus only on what they do, which is to experience music. Only now it’s for Fortnite.
As to the specific experiences they will involve, that remains to be seen. That said, Fortnite has hosted several virtual concerts and has attracted big names, such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. It stands to reason that Harmonix will somehow be involved in future endeavors of this sort, as well as in whatever new and interactive experiences they may be.

“Music already brings millions of people to Fortnite, from our emoticons to concerts and global events,” said Alain Tascan, vice president of game development at Epic Games. “Together with the Harmonix team, we will transform the way players experience music, from passive listeners to active participants. “

It’s as detailed as either company is willing to get it right now. In a Related FAQ, Harmonix has stated that it will continue to offer our DLC plus Rock Band with additional tracks on the slate for this year and next. There will also be more Fuser events. There are currently no plans to make more Rock Band instruments (boo!), But Harmonix has promised to keep its servers online (yay!).

In other words, stay tuned because the party hasn’t started yet.

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