ERA, the first Game of Thor Game Studio that Wu Yimin guides, is in Alpha Test


London, UK – (Newsfile Corp. – Dec 24, 2021) – Thor Game Studio, who has many years of gaming experience, has released their first GameFi product, ERAGame.

Mr. Wu Yimin, Vice President of YOOZOO GAMES, has joined the Advisory Board of Thor Game Studio

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Recently, News Time interviewed Mr. Wu Yimin, a game producer, who has joined the advisory board of Thor Game Studio in the UK. Wu Yimin has worked in the gaming industry for over 10 years. He has worked for Tencent, Shanda Games, Kingsoft and now he is the Vice President of YOOZOO GAMES and is also a major founder of Cross Fire (Cross Fire has over 500 million registered users, 1 billion viewers of e-Sports and generates profits of 12 billion dollars). In the interview, Wu also said, “From web to mobile, and from NFT to metaverse, the gaming industry has always been the barometer for the exploitation of new technology. form a “super digital scene”, in which the metaverse has brought another possibility of play to a lot of people “.

Thor game studio background

Thor Game Studio is a UK-based NFT games infrastructure company that develops Web 3.0 infrastructure to achieve integration of games, NFT and communities. It aims to maximize player performance and revenue to create interoperability across the metaverse.

It is understood that the core members include a professor from USC (known as the father of VR games), a PhD from Berkeley, and well-known game producers. It shows the professionalism of the team in multiple dimensions. Thor Game Studio will manufacture a limited edition NFT badge, owning the NFT for a variety of rights.

Players who own their gaming resources will be more likely to become loyal players and better stewards of the games they enjoy. To achieve this, Thor Game Studio offers a range of media for gamers, developers, and game studios. Thor Game Studio provides value-added services with the emerging GameFi ecosystem, from top game developers to common gamers.

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The first ERA game will launch soon

ERA is a metaverse world on the subject of resource exploitation and warfare between players. The goal of ERA is to create an open metaverse game world, which is a parallel universe to the real world. From the ERA White Paper, it can be known that ERA has an ambitious vision for the future, which will be realized in the following main phases.

Stage I mainly concerns mineral resources. First of all, there are 2 ways to get equipment, open the blind box or build equipment that can be used to mine resources, and the resources can be exchanged for tokens to get high returns.

In Stage II, it gradually expands into gameplay, where you need to recruit a number of warriors, each with a different career division and combat attributes. Checks and balances will arise between the different professions. For the same profession, the higher the attribute, the more powerful the warrior will be in actual battle. Users enjoy the thrill of gaming in the ERA Metaverse and truly realize the combination of virtuality and reality.

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It is understood that ERA Game is on the cusp of public Alpha testing with good rewards. It is possible to obtain an ERA game governance token. For details on specific event rules, keep an eye out for official news.

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