Esrawe Studio and Superflex create a striped showroom for Grupo Arca


Multicolored tiles form graphic stripes on the exterior of this Miami showroom, designed by Esrawe Studio in collaboration with art collective Superflex.

The showroom is owned by the natural stone company Arca Group and is located in Wynwood, a former industrial district of Miami where dozens of converted warehouses are now covered in vivid murals by some of the world’s greatest street artists.

The colorful facade of the exhibition hall is intended to integrate with neighboring buildings graffiti

When based in Mexico Esrawe Workshop was asked to design the showroom, he wanted the building to blend in with its neighbors and feature some sort of artwork on its facade – but it had to have more of a sense of permanence than graffiti.

The founder of the studio Héctor Esrawe therefore approached the Danish art collective Superflex to create together a large-scale ceramic work for the exterior of the showroom.

Grupo Arca Miami showroom features striped tiled facade
The colors of the facade are inspired by banknotes of different currencies

Entitled Like a Force of Nature, the resulting artwork features red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple and mint tiled stripes.

Two different styles of tile were used – one flat, the other in the shape of a three-dimensional pyramid – to give depth and texture to the facade.

Grupo Arca Miami showroom features striped tiled facade
Esrawe Studio and Superflex used flat, three-dimensional tiles to give depth to the facade

The color scheme of the tiles was loosely based on banknotes of different world currencies, while their arrangement was informed by the Fibonacci sequence – a series of numbers that frequently appears in elements of nature.

“Like A Force Of Nature evokes the illusion that silver is as natural as a volcano or a tsunami,” Superflex explained.

“It explores the disorientation produced by both the complexity of the natural world and the dizzying economic systems that are rapidly changing that world.”

Grupo Arca showroom in Miami
The reception of the showroom has a gray stone service counter

Inside the showroom, the studio has moved away from bright colors and instead designed neutral spaces that allow Grupo Arca’s products to take center stage.

The reception on the ground floor is anchored by a gray stone service counter, backed by an L-shaped wooden partition denoting the company logo.

Grupo Arca showroom in Miami
Marble slabs are displayed inside black metal frames

Visitors then proceed to a gallery-style area where marble slabs are displayed inside huge black metal frames. If a marble is selected for purchase, staff can use an interior crane to retrieve it.

Upstairs are exhibition spaces dedicated to wood, porcelain and other materials offered by Grupo Arca.

There’s also a bathroom clad in black-and-white veined marble, as well as space for staff to sit and chat with architects, designers, and other potential clients.

Grupo Arca showroom in Miami
Black and white marble lines the showroom bathrooms

This is not the first time that Esrawe Studio has worked with Grupo Arca. In 2019, the studio created a showroom for the brand in Guadalajara, Mexico, consisting of monolithic stone blocks.

The Miami showroom was shortlisted in the Large Retail Space category of this year’s Dezeen Awards, along with five other projects, including the Dengo Chocolate Factory in Brazil.

The winner of this category was announced as Box, a brightly colored collection point in Helsinki where people can pick up their purchase orders online.

The photograph is by Workshop César Béjar.

Project credits:

Architecture, interior decoration and furniture: Esrawe Workshop
Creative direction: Héctor Esrawe
Design team: Brenda Vázquez, Antonio Chávez
Render: Yair Ugarte, Emmanuel Miramontes
Facade work: Superflex, ordered by Arca in collaboration with Héctor Esrawe
Landscaping: GSLA design
Smart construction: Luz + Form
Local architect: Beilinson Gomez Architects

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