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Studio 666 is a campy horror movie in the vein of The Evil Dead, and like that ’80s classic, there are some crazy, gory deaths along the way.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Studio 666currently in theaters.

Workshop 666 brought Foo Fighters to the big screen in a mix of rock and roll and video nasties style horror flicks. It was basically A hard day’s Night meets diabolical death. What might have shocked Foo Fighters fans is that it didn’t end in a twist where the band made it home safe and sound. It went all-in on gore and ended in classic horror movie style. Almost everyone is dead, including every member of the Foo Fighters except for Dave Grohl.

Dream Widow was killed off screen

The first deaths occurred before the Foo Fighters showed up. The opening featured a flashback scene to the 1990s where someone killed the band Dream Widow while they were recording their new album in the old house. As the film later showed, he was their lead singer, possessed by a demonic entity. It ended with him committing suicide before flashing up to the present day. This scene set the stage for Workshop 666.

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Krug had an electrifying ending

Kerry King as Krug helping Dave Grohl with his drums at Studio 666.

Workshop 666 had a minor role for a thrash metal icon. Slayer founding guitarist Kerry King played Foo Fighters tech Krug. His death came at the hands of the demonic entities themselves. Frightening black smoke streaked down the wall and electrocuted him in one of the most disgusting and bloody scenes in the film, creating the idea of the brillianthaunted house style.

Darren Sandelbaum lost his mind

Darren talks to Dave Grohl at Studio 666.

Will Forte also played a minor role as a restaurant delivery boy. He was a musician and wanted Dave Grohl to listen to his band’s demo, despite his bad side calling Coldplay his favorite band. The mysterious demonic force killed him off-screen. The Foo Fighters later found him decapitated in the yard.

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Chris Shiflett got grilled

Chris Shiflett arguing with Dave Grohl at Studio 666.

After the demonic spirit possessed Dave in a scene straight out of diabolical death, he started killing his Foo Fighters’ bandmates after they finished their parts in the song he wanted to finish. The first was Chris, who left the band. As he was grilling a few hot dogs before leaving, Dave buried his face in the grill. He kept slamming it until he died, Chris’ face becoming one with the hot cooking plates.

Rami Jaffee and Samantha suffered a split

Rami Jaffee freaks out at Studio 666.

Samantha lived next door to the old house, a self-proclaimed groupie. She was also aware of the demons and tried to warn the Foo Fighters, but it was too late. In bed with keyboardist Rami Jaffee, and while they were listening to Jackyl’s “Lumberjack Song,” Dave cut them in half with a chainsaw.

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Taylor Hawkins had sharp gear

Dave and Taylor looking around the house in Studio 666.

Taylor Hawkins was the last member of the band to complete their part on the song that could release demons into the world. The drummer had one job, and that was to keep Dave busy, while the remaining musicians tried to save their friend. However, he made the mistake of finishing his job. Dave threw a cymbal like a Frisbee, slicing Taylor’s face in half. The top half stayed on the cymbal stuck in the wall while the rest of her body slid to the floor.

Pat Smear is not the best mechanic

Pat Smear in the kitchen of Studio 666.

Pat Smear and Nate Mendel were the last two surviving members of the Foo Fighters, and they freed Dave from possession before trying to escape. Trouble is, they didn’t have the keys, so Pat went under the van to plug it in. He accidentally drove the wire through the contact and into Nate’s eye, knocking him into reverse, smashing Pat’s head into the pavement, another disgusting, campy horror death.

Nate Mendel and Barb Weems had road rage

Nate Mendel looks at Krug's body in Studio 666.

With the wire stuck in his eye, Nate threw the van back at Barb Weems, who was coming down the road to kill them. Once he hit her, he came out to check, and she thrust a knife into his neck, killing him, before dying herself. It looked like Dave Grohl, or the mastermind behind it all, Jeremy Shill, might die next. However, those two were the last dead in the movie, if you don’t count Grohl’s soul.

To see Dave Grohl slay Foo Fighters, head to Studio 666, in theaters now.

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