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Amazon hosted its invitation-only hardware and services event last night. During the event, the tech giant showcased some of its latest tech hardware, including a new home robot named Astro Echo and Ring products, including security hardware and services, and more. The Amazon The event took place at 9:30 p.m. IST on Tuesday, September 28. Let’s take a look at what the ecommerce giant announced at its hardware and services event last night.

A cute robot called Astro

The most unusual device Amazon launched last night was its Astro home robot. The Alexa-powered robot combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, Alexa and Ring technologies to become a mobile digital companion. The idea behind Astro is to solve the problems associated with smart stationery products, enabling easy communication for the elderly or disabled. Astro can be used to check rooms in a house, people, and pets when users are away. The robot is designed to move around your home without hitting walls or furniture. It also comes with manners like eye expressions, screen movement, and the ability to speak. The robot uses a built-in periscope camera to look around the house and uses a rotating screen to display expressions and information. Like other smart products, Astro’s microphone and cameras can also be disabled.

A smart screen that doubles as a table – Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon’s latest Echo product is a smart display (or smart board?). The Echo Show 15 comes with a 15.6-inch Full HD display and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter. The Echo Show 15 is the largest Echo with a display and can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The Echo Show is powered by an Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor and comes with a new home screen with more customization options. The Echo Show 15 is priced at $ 249.99 (approx Rs 18,500) and will be available soon. Amazon did not mention the exact arrival date for the Echo Show 15.

A New Video Calling Device – Amazon Glow

Amazon Glow is a brand new video calling device, designed with kids in mind. The Amazon Glow is a 14-inch tall stand-alone interactive device with an 8-inch display. Amazon Glow lets kids make fun video calls to loved ones. The device allows users to project interactive 19 inch puzzles, stories or allows children to engage in drawing activities on a 22 inch mat. All this they can do with the person with whom they are connected in video call. Amazon has worked with some of the biggest children’s entertainment companies like Disney, Sesame Street, and Nicklodeon to create original content for Glow. The Amazon Glow is also priced at $ 249.99 (approx Rs 18,500) and comes with a May, 1-year mat case from Amazon Kids + and comes with Tangram Bits.

Amazon halo

Amazon also announced its latest fitness tracker, the Halo View, along with new additions to help improve the Halo fitness tracker. The company announced Halo Fitness, which is a studio workout service, Halo Nutrition, which partners with companies like Whole Foods and Weight Watchers, as well as the Halo View fitness tracker which comes with an AMOLED display and comes with a full year Halo membership at $ 79.99 (around Rs 5,900). The Halo View fitness tracker comes with a familiar fitness tracker design with a color display that allows users to browse metrics.

Ring’s Still Home Drone Camera

Ring’s Always Home Drone camera, owned by Amazon, was the center of attention at Amazon’s event last year. The company brought back the Always Home drone camera this year, and says it will start shipping soon for $ 250 (around Rs 18,500). However, this will be by invitation only. The idea behind the camera is to use active sensors and a “dedicated neural processing unit” to detect noise or activity in a user’s home, then automatically fly out of its docking station. . The docking station also blocks the camera when the drone The drone camera will tour your house to give you a real-time feed of what’s going on in your home.

Amazon’s first smart thermostat

Amazon also launched its first smart thermostat. The Amazon thermostat is simple in design and uses Honeywell Home Thermostat technology. The unit was sold for $ 59 (approx Rs 4,400) and works with most existing HVAC systems to accomplish standard thermostat tasks, such as setting routines in your home to determine when to lower or raise the heat. temperature.

Flashing video doorbell

Besides Ring, Amazon also owns the Blink security solutions brand, and the company launched a new Blink video doorbell last night for $ 49.99 (around Rs 3,700) and can be installed wired or wireless with the option. to activate two years battery life. There’s day and night 1080p HD video, two-way audio, chime app alerts, and the ability to connect and ring your existing home chime.

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