Film and TV production ‘back to pre-pandemic levels’: Studio CEO


The pandemic has wreaked havoc on Hollywood’s production pipeline – but it’s the lights, the camera, the action for filmmakers as COVID-19 restrictions ease and projects resume.

“We are back to pre-pandemic levels and getting stronger and stronger [than pre-COVID]”, Hal Rosenbluth, president and CEO of Kaufman Astoria Studios, told Yahoo Finance in a recent interview.

Kaufman Astoria, which has produced high-profile movies and TV series ranging from “The Irishman” to “Orange is the New Black,” is an industry staple in New York City.

Rosenbluth said the company is “currently managing over 60 projects.”

“We believe the unions are at full capacity, and we are constantly trying to expand the facilities, as well as the workforce,” the executive added.

While other economic sectors, such as the restaurant industry, are struggling to attract workers amid the current labor shortage, Rosenbluth doesn’t think the film industry has lost any amount. important part of its workforce due, in large part, to its ability to think quickly. pandemic response efforts.

“It was an industry that found a way to deal with the pandemic in the most positive way possible. [and took] the necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. »

“And it’s proven, at least for New York, that we were one of the mainstays of the economy when we were back in business. To do our business, you have to be here – you don’t remotely, so we’ve seen everyone pick themselves up, the union is back up and running and I’m pretty sure they’re all back to pre-pandemic levels,” he revealed.

New York, NY, USA – July 12, 2016: Kaufman Astoria Studios: Kaufman Astoria Studios is a historic film production studio located in the Astoria section of the Queens borough of New York City.

With productions now in overdrive – aided by the streaming boom – sound stage availability has been a major concern as competition for viable filming spaces heats up.

Rosenbluth explained that the desirable New York filming location has helped Kaufman Astoria and other nearby production studios become “the flavor of the month” as investment pours into the space.

“For our area in New York, it’s a really positive thing to have a good balance between supply and demand, so most of the shows that really want to be here in the New York metro area have been able to find accommodation,” he continued.

Hollywood’s recent pivot to streaming has also helped “fill the [production] void” between big blockbuster hits, Rosenbluth explained.

“For years, we were a very big mix of TV shows and feature films. For the past few years, we’ve been almost 100% TV production, whether it’s for streaming or for the network” , did he declare.

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