Film company wants to build studio in Sheridan to revive Wyoming film industry


While Wyoming has featured in several movies and TV shows over the years, very few are actually filmed in the state. Places like New Mexico and British Columbia, Canada are just two of those places that have replaced Wyoming on the big screen.

Sean Patrick Higgins, Founder and CEO of House of History Inc. would like to change that.

Higgins, a graduate of the University of Wyoming, resides primarily in Sheridan. He hopes to build a film studio to revive Wyoming’s film industry.

“Story House Pictures is going to be the pioneer of a sustainable film industry in Wyoming and we are going to do that by bringing a state-of-the-art film studio, think Skywalker Ranch,” Higgins said.

In addition to building a studio east of the VA in Sheridan, there are plans to invest in infrastructure to house the workers. While Higgins said workers would need to be brought in from places such as New York or Los Angeles, he added that jobs for workers in Wyoming would also be considered.

“We have the potential to create 435 jobs for the residents of Wyoming … target hiring 25% of veterans and displaced energy workers and really create that kind of professional and educational opportunity for the next generation of American filmmakers, ”he said. “Sheridan offers us the right climate as well as the availability of the workforce. “

He said the film industry is strong, which could eventually bring people back to the state, especially if they had studied in Wyoming.

“I’m someone who understands the state, who grew up between the state and California,” Higgins says. “I’m a generational cowboy inherited through UW so to speak. I understand the code of the West. And so we have this potential to do it for Wyoming by Wyoming and that’s really something I want to. support me. “

Higgins believes that his knowledge of Wyoming and his background in the state will allow the launch and success of film production in Sheridan as well as throughout the state.

“I just think Sheridan has so much of the best that Wyoming has to offer,” he exclaims.

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