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“I don’t think I can do much else for 15 hours without getting bored,” but even during those long days of filming the movie she wrote and directed, “it was an amazing experience,” said Emma Jean Scott. “It’s crazy how much goes into something we watch every day.”

More than 30 members of STEP studio branches (student, crew, entertainment, production) helped with two weeks of filming in July on the film, which was shot at multiple locations in the Southeast, including the University of ‘Oglethorpe — where Scott is the STEP Studio branch manager — and Chattanooga Metro Airport, said Jacob Poag, the founder of STEP Studio, which is based in Dalton and includes area high school and college students interested in the job. cinematographic. The airport shoot was “unique” and “took us six months” to get approval.

Scott had primarily focused on acting — she studied film and acting in college — but now plans to write and/or direct more because of the collaborative elements, she said.

“As an actor, you’re directed, you do what you do, and then you’re done” for the day.

She’s not the only one expanding her vision of film work through STEP Studio, said Poag, a member of the Christian Heritage School class of 2023. the cinema.

Scott’s untitled film is about a year-long long-distance relationship.

“I was in a long-distance relationship, (as were) several of my friends, so I saw the difficulties of that and the (varieties of possible) outcomes,” the sophomore said. “I wanted to see that in a movie, and it’s something relatable.”

Editing for the film begins this month, and “we’re aiming for a release” around Christmas 2023 or winter 2024, Poag said.

“We were able to rent a Netflix-grade camera (for filming), and that’s the most amount of equipment we’ve used.”

“I’m extremely pleased” with the results, as his collaborators “were able to bring to the screen what I saw in my head,” Scott said. Joining STEP is “one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done, and it opens so many doors.”

Poag plans to take the film – which will be “between” a short and a feature in length – through the festival circuit and then show it in independent cinemas, he said.

“This will be our first multi-indie theatrical release – there are a lot of ‘firsts’ with this film.”

STEP Studio is “growing extremely rapidly — we’re up to 70 (members) now — and we want to” expand beyond the state soon, Poag said. “We may be the largest student film organization in the country, and if you want to get in, now is the time.”

Anyone interested in joining STEP, contributing, or just learning more about the studio can email STEP at [email protected]

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