FLIR’s ONE Edge Pro wireless thermal camera clips onto phones



Teledyne FLIR today launches the the all-new FLIR ONE Edge Pro, a wireless visible thermal camera for your smartphone. This entry expands its lineup of mobile thermal cameras that previously connected to your phone via a Lightning, USB-C, or Micro USB connection. This inherently means having more models and confusion, so this new camera connects wirelessly to your phone and works on multiple operating systems. In addition to the new design, you will also have access to more software tools to help you perform inspections and troubleshoot devices. Keep reading below to learn more about the new FLIR camera system.

Since this new thermal camera does not attach to your phone or tablet via the USB or Lightning connector, FLIR implemented a spring clip design. This allows you to attach the camera for an integrated setup. The dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection will then allow you to detach the camera from your phone and go up to 30 meters away, offering the flexibility to inspect hard to reach places or have some safety distance from a danger zone. The thermal camera itself is based on a 160×120 resolution radiometric Lepton camera coupled with a visual camera. Although this resolution may seem low, FLIR has its VividIR technology which combines multiple image frames to create a sharper final image. This image is further enhanced by its patented MSX enhancement feature which combines thermal and visual imaging to bring out edge detail and object clarity without losing thermal detail.

The all new FLIR ONE Edge Pro thermal camera is RESNET compliant and features an IP54 rated design that will allow you to use the camera in virtually any circumstance or weather condition. This camera will also benefit from the Teledyne FLIR software package including Tools Mobile, Ignite Clouds and the FLIR Thermal Studio desktop software, so you can easily share images and integrate them into reports.


The FLIR ONE Edge Pro wireless thermal-visual camera is now available at FLIR direct for $549.99 shipped, although it’s currently out of stock and expected to ship by December at the time of writing. You can even control the camera at Amazon, although it is temporarily out of stock. This does not prevent you from placing an order, and it will be shipped and billed to you once it is back.

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After reviewing FLIR’s older smartphone thermal cameras, I think Teledyne FLIR has a winner here. The cordless capability and clip-on design allows for ultimate flexibility while keeping it in your pocket and easy to take on inspections.

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