FloQast opens entertainment studio, teases upcoming accounting comedy series


Workflow automation software provider FloQast announced FloQast Studios, a new entertainment studio designed to create content for an accountant, and released a trailer for the studio’s upcoming flagship web series, “PBC , Which will be released in January.

The Los Angeles-based studio was started by FloQast CEO and co-founder Mike Whitmire as a subsidiary of the company using funds from his Series D funding earlier this year. It is led by entertainment industry executive Josh Sims and digital creator Drew Carrick, perhaps best known for his character “The Rapping CPA,” who will be thinking and giving advice on creative content.

The studio released the trailer Wednesday for his first big project, “PBC,” a six-part web-series in the mock-documentary style of shows like “The Office” that follows the accounting staff of a tech startup. Among its actors are recognizable names like Danny Trejo from “Machete” and Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton from “The Office”.

The cast of “PBC”

During the production’s 10-day shoot in Los Angeles, the Sims studio director contacted Carrick to ask if he could come and settle in while Whitmire was away to verify the accuracy of the accounting references. Carrick ended up staying for two weeks as a technical advisor and is now working to spread the word among his fellow accounting content creators and account generators even, directing the accountants to an Instagram post of the trailer that garnered over 50,000 views on the first day of publication. .

“No one has done a show about accountants before,” Carrick said. “We took advantage of the collective experience.

In pitching the concept of not only the show but the studio to FloQast’s board of directors, Whitmire drew on examples from other companies that have created content divisions, such as Salesforce and Mailchimp.

“The accounting community has historically fallen behind in creativity and innovation, and there is a dearth of familiar content that highlights the many professional and personal hurdles that accountants know all too well,” Whitmire said in a communicated. “This is why we created FloQast Studios, both to speak and recognize our primary accountant, and also continue to uphold our corporate philosophy of being innovative, ambitious and fun when it comes to changing business. established standards. “

The studio plans to roll out more content over the next year, including short skits, music videos, web mini-series and podcasts, all specifically aimed at an accountant audience, according to Carrick.

The goal, he explained, is to push the profession on the lagging trends and counter the stereotype that accountants are boring and uncreative by creating viral and entertaining content. While the first priority is entertainment, the studio will soon shift to more educational content, Carrick said, with the specific aim of providing more unique CPE credit opportunities, with current ideas ranging from a series of podcasts on the fraud to hour-long documentaries.

The team at FloQast Studios hope to attract enough viewers to “PBC” to create an audience for these upcoming projects, for which Carrick and his team have a wealth of ideas and expect to produce at least one new content per month. .

All six episodes of “PBC” will be released Jan. 13 on YouTube and the FloQast Studios website.

During production in August, Carrick not only brought some scenes realism, he also drew on his own experiences, often channeling them through the show’s perpetually neglected lead auditor, based on ” all the audit managers that I know “. The cast’s comedic backgrounds led to roughly half of the show being improvised, Carrick said.

Michael Gallagher is the show’s executive producer and showrunner, with Jana Winternitz and Michael Wormser of Cinemand Films as producers.

Carrick continues to coordinate efforts to get the show presented to accountants, explaining that the January release date was chosen to present it to accountants before the busy season heats up, though the team would host an audience. wider.

“Next year, if it’s popular, maybe we’ll bring it to Netflix,” Carrick mused. “Right now, the priority is to create something that accounting demographics can relate to. “

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