Focus Home Interactive acquires the development studio Douze Dixièmes



Focus Interactive Home announced a brand new acquisition with the acquisition of a new development studio at Douze Dixièmes. The studio has already been a Focus studio partner for quite some time now as they have a unique team of creators from the animation and video game industries who make their talent line both interesting and fun, like the shows the title published by Focus: Shadow a part of me. The announcement didn’t really go into detail on what would change and stay the same, but based on the relationship the two sides already have, we believe much of it will go as usual with little movement or staff changes. We have some quotes below regarding the acquisition.

Credit; Focus Home entertainment

“It is a real pleasure to welcome Twelve Tenths to the Focus family,” said Christophe Nobileau, president of Focus Home Interactive. “The studio has already demonstrated its creative ability with Shady Part of Me, and we are delighted that the Twelve Tenths team is joining our federation of talents. This acquisition once again demonstrates our ambition to create a strong Group, but also illustrates Focus’s desire to support the French video game scene, a major focus of our editorial strategy. “

“It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we join Focus Home Interactive today,” said Georges hermann, co-founder and president of Douze Dixièmes. “Our collaboration on Shady Part of Me has convinced us of the expertise of the teams and the great human wealth of Focus. It is full of ideas and with the conviction that we can achieve our vision that we join this Group in full There is no doubt for Douze Dixièmes that synergies with the other studios of our new family will bring strength and relevance to our projects, while preserving our quest for engaging visual and narrative experiences. “

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