Fox camera finds Alex Rodriguez dancing at Lambeau during Packers vs 49ers playoff game


A face in the crowd at Lambeau Field during Saturday night’s 49ers-Packers NFL playoff game: Alex Rodriguez. With a Packers wool cap on his head.

Oh, and he was dancing. Kind of.

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Fox Sports did a brief cross-promotion with one of its MLB studio hosts in the fourth quarter. The original A-Rod watched as the other A-Rod, Aaron Rodgers, tried unsuccessfully to guide the Pack to a snowy victory in the divisional round. The camera zoomed in on Rodriguez and, it was believed, a companion as he rocked to music from the PA system. Or maybe he was just trying to stay warm on a freezing Wisconsin night.

Whatever he did, Rodriguez made it to TV, and the internet finally had something to say with this game (OK, there was a lot to say, but goofy-looking Rodriguez was more interesting for much of the ‘net).

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Not least because Rodriguez was in enemy sporting territory. Don’t forget, he owns a big chunk of the NBA’s Timberwolves, who reside next door in hated Minnesota. Rodgers bought a piece of defending NBA champion Bucks a while back.

And because he may have played up front with the Packers in the middle game.

Other random reactions to Rodriguez spending a night in the frozen tundra:

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