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Pro techniques you need to master in 2022

Keep up to date with the hot styles and techniques you need to know for the coming year (Image credit: future)

Each new year is an opportunity to learn new skills and continue your photographic education. Even top pros recognize the importance of continuous learning and improving your skills, but what are the key techniques to focus on? In this issue, we’ve compiled a set of the best photography tips in the business to keep up with the competition. We’ve picked the ones that let you own social media and secure commissions, delivering exactly what customers want to see, across all genres.

Atmospheric landscapes

Capture scenes with more drama by mastering the elements. (Image credit: future)

Landscapes are among the most popular images to photograph for a reason – they are accessible to everyone and vary greatly in scope and variety. However, in order to capture the best possible results, you need to understand what makes a scene appealing and how best to capture those qualities on camera. In our article on dramatic landscapes in this issue, we explore how to take panoramic images with a difference. From varying your angle, to changing your aperture choices, and finding ideal locations to work in harsh weather conditions, we’ve got your bases covered.

color portraits

Learn how to incorporate colored lighting into your portrait flash repertoire (Image credit: future)

Join Holly Wren as she walks us through the process of capturing studio portrait images with color flash. Holly demonstrates both the shooting and editing stages of this simple yet effective lighting technique, which introduces a cinematic touch to any portrait.

Child and family portrait

Tech Editor Peter Fenech joins family photographer Nicola Webster for a behind-the-scenes look at one of his shoots. (Image credit: future)

Photo editors

Which post-processing app is right for you? We put ten to the test. (Image credit: future)

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