From English studio Glowmade, Amazon moves towards video game publishing with a new project



Amazon Games has teamed up with glowmake, an independent studio based in Guilford, England, to release an original video game.

This expands Amazon’s third-party publishing efforts, where its video game division markets the tasks of different companies, as well as creating its New World-like personal games in-house.

This expanded Amazon’s third-party publishing work, and its games department brought projects from other companies to market. In addition, he also created his own games, such as the new world house games.

The untitled Glowmade venture is the second game Amazon plans to release, following news earlier this month that Amazon is bringing the South Korean multiplayer action-RPG game Misplaced Ark to North America and in Europe in 2022.

Glowmade hires a wide variety of people to help with the business, as well as gameplay and combat designers, in addition to a product supervisor who is supposed to “build long-term participant expertise.”

Glowmade’s brand new game is said to be an “online co-op art expertise” that relies primarily on a unique mental property and has been in the works for a short time.

Glowmade, based in 2015, is a 25-person studio with many veterans of the UK leisure growth scene, who have worked on video games similar to Fable, Little Massive Planet and Horizon: Zero Daybreak.

His first game, creator of platform / cellular storyline WonderWorlds, launched on iOS in 2018 via Madrid writer Tequila Works.

“The Glowmade team has worked extremely hard on our exciting new intellectual property, and Amazon Video Games has been an incredible companion,” said Jonny Hopper, director of the Glowmade studio, during a press launch via Amazon. “The dedication of the Amazon video game team to serving us on our artistic imagination and our vision has been wonderful. We will not wait to tell the world what we are as much as. More importantly, Glowmade is a smaller and relatively low-key studio, which suggests how far Amazon is going to research new tasks. Misplaced Ark was a shock, but not a big one in the wake of the hype around Amazon’s next New World.

Amazon has already had the infrastructure in place to help an MMO, so why not release a second one? This is arguably what Amazon has wanted to do for years, significantly when you think about its presence in a metropolis like Seattle that has 200 independent entertainment studios at one point; Amazon has enough gaming industry expertise in its figurative park that it can become a third-party publishing juggernaut at any time without having to remove native space code.

While the upcoming launch of New World will undoubtedly grab the majority of Amazon’s attention over the next few months, it’s worth keeping a tally of its publishing efforts. Amazon clearly wants to bolster its approach to the {industry} video game arena with unique intellectual property and market-tested game types, but it can do a lot for its efforts by simply supporting the Amazon Cash Truck to some extent. carefully chosen. third-party studios. It would be crazy if this was the last time we heard about Amazon Video Games as a writer.

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  • From English studio Glowmade, Amazon moves towards video game publishing with a new project
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