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Timeless style is always a must in Hollywood. From red carpets to red carpet rollouts, it’s always a time to shine in the industry we all admire.

The Knockturnal spoke exclusively with Kristen Shirley, Founder of The Patiala, to discuss all things luxury watches, where to find them and who wears them. Launched in January this year, La Patiala is curated with content about the finer things in life in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. The digital destination is designed to alleviate the apprehension and intimidation that many people naturally have towards luxury goods and allow readers to travel, buy and collect with confidence.

On October 18, La Patiala published The Watch Encyclopedia, a collection of 50 articles written by Kristen that demystify luxury watches and timepieces. The Watch Encyclopedia is a simple, easy-to-understand way for everyone, from experts to novice enthusiasts, to dive into the world of watches. With 50 articles that detail designs, functions, how the watches work and more, consumers can truly understand the features each watch has to offer and select the one that’s right for them. The Watch Encyclopedia makes information about luxury watches and timepieces accessible and understandable, allowing everyone to enjoy what has long been considered an accessory reserved for the elite.

How are luxury watches becoming more accessible to non-collectors? Auction houses are a great way to find luxury watches at affordable prices, as long as you’re not looking for the most exclusive and in-demand models. With a little research and a little patience, you can find beautiful watches from luxury brands at a fraction of the retail price. I should know: I landed a stunning gold Piaget watch at Bonhams auction house this summer. It dates back to the 1980s, but since the designs of the watches haven’t changed much over the years, they still look great today.

Which luxury watches will we want to keep an eye out for this holiday season?I think the holidays are the perfect time to wear jewelry watches. These little watches have beautiful diamond and gemstone settings that are perfect for parties during the holiday season.

Can you give new luxury watch buyers an overview of how they can find parts
favorite celebrities wear? If they are unable to purchase direct, where could someone
If you like a watch worn by a celebrity, take a photo to an authorized watch retailer.
dealer of that brand and see if they can identify it for you. You can buy the watch if they have it
or join the waiting list. If you just can’t wait, your best bet is to browse used watch websites.
like Watchbox, Crown & Caliber or Watchfinder. Of course, if you are looking for an extremely
limited watch, like Tyler, the designer Cartier Crash, you may not get closer than the picture.

Which 3 celebrities should we follow for the watches they wear, and why? LeBron James has a wild watch collection that includes steel watches with colorful dials, impressive complicated watches and diamond jewelry. He’s not afraid to take risks with his personal style, which I love. He wears a lot of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars
Piguet and Richard Mille. A watch executive once told me that Ed Sheeran had an impressive collection, which I found
surprising since he’s known for his amazing writing, not his personal style. I dug around a bit and found that it had some notable complicated watches from Patek Philippe alongside more everyday watches.

I discovered Bethenny Frankel’s watch collection in a report on Hodinkee, and I was blown away. She collects highly sought-after Rolex Daytonas, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet watches. I love how it mixes jewelry watches with watches traditionally aimed at men – it’s way ahead of its time. She is a great example of collecting and wearing what you love.

Any other advice for people who haven’t taken the plunge to invest in a luxury watch
again, but you want?
With proper care, watches can truly last forever. Watches from 50 years ago still look modern,
so you don’t have to worry about a watch going out of style if you choose something with a classic
pattern. Watches also hold their value much better than other accessories, so you can also
think of them as an investment. But please don’t buy them as investments and never wear them.
Buy them because you love them and wear them every day. I have a small collection of watches,
and each one brings me joy every time I look at my wrist.

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