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prototype ‘the cloud’ by ensamble studio at BAP! 2022

Studio Package has built a prototype for its sculptural proposal “The Cloud”, a 3,800 m² building that will soon be built museum on the outskirts of Seoul, creating a spectacular setting called “Les Jardins de Médongaule”. The project was part of the second edition of the Biennale of Architecture and Landscape (Bap!) which took place in Versailles from May 14 to July 13, 2022.

Draped and folded over thin rods, the installation represents a fragment of global architecture, like the offering of a petal “transplanted” from South Korea to France. This architectural gesture symbolically connects the two cultures through their historical and spiritual appreciation of landscapes and garden design.

Proposal ‘The Cloud’ | Medongaule Gardens, South Korea
all images © Ensamble Studio

Beyond celebrating a cultural love for the natural world, Ensamble Studio’s ‘The Cloud’ prototype (see more here) physically reflects the vision behind BAP! 2022. This edition explored the ever-changing relationship between land and cities through nine exhibitions scattered across ENSA Versailles. More specifically, the team took part in the program “Visible-Invisible” organized by Nicolas Dorval Bory and Guillaume Ramillien, focusing on the development of new materials, construction techniques and languages ​​that deal with the visible and invisible matter of architecture.

“The 21st century is the century of global environmental and biological awareness, in which all humans recognize for once that we can and must act together and have a mission to protect the earth. More than ever, the garden is the representation of our life. With regard to this sensitivity, ‘Les Jardins de Médongaule’ brings together a history of these gardens in a unique natural environment on the outskirts of Seoul,’ write Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa of Ensamble Studio.

ensamble studio builds prototype for its earth-inspired museum proposal in south korea

Bird’s eye view of architecture on the outskirts of Seoul

terrain-inspired volume molded like a flower petal

The proposed structure presents itself as an unearthed topography, levitating above the ground to provide a continuous and fluid space below. The outer skin is envisioned as a mineral and organic layer where a wild ecosystem can thrive, while the underside is a textured geopolymer that will support the imprinted “nerves” flowing through the ceiling and walls. Finally, under the roof in the shape of a land, a bewitching and luminous space will take over, expressing an extraordinary energy and material quality.

Through a mix of earth and contemporary technology, “The Cloud” by Ensamble Studio will be cast on a container resembling the petal of a giant flower. Delicate and translucent in appearance, the final design will also be waterproof and durable.

ensamble studio builds prototype for its earth-inspired museum proposal in south korea

prototype of ‘The Cloud’ by Ensamble Studio at ENSA Versailles

“And that mould, the invisible part of the construction process, is then transformed into different parts of the building; its envelope, walls and ceilings, testifying to different uses in its cycle of materials. So now the building and the garden are expressed in unity, responding to the architecture of the earth,’ concludes Ensemble Studio.

You can consult the preview of the exhibition ‘Visible-Invisible sur le Bap! website.

ensamble studio builds prototype for its earth-inspired museum proposal in south korea

folding and draping over thin support rods

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