FromSoftware’s next game is in final development as the studio looks to bolster its staff for multiple projects


FromSoftware’s next game is already in the final stages of development according to studio boss Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Speaking in an interview with the Japanese outlet 4Games, FromSoftware not only is finishing development on an unannounced title, but several games are in the works. How many there are has not been shared.

It’s possible that the game FromSoftware is finishing is the next entry in the Armored Core series, especially if a leak from January is accurate.

According to the leak posted on reseteraresult of an investigation, Armored Core 6 is under development and the survey contained screenshots, two short clips and a description of the game. It even offers participants choices on the titles offered.

Back in 2016, Miyazaki said a reboot of one of FromSoftware’s IPs was in the works and rather boldly hinted to 4Gamer that the game was Armored Core.

“It’s been a while since ‘Armored Core: Verdict Day, and yes there was a predicament in the temporary series, but I’m not going to end the Armored Core series,'” he said. said, “I think the Armored Core concept is still attractive enough to be re-sublimated into an interesting and valuable game, and there are a lot of great people in the company who want to do that.

“So there’s no way not to make a new FromSoftware’s next game in final stages of development as studio looks to beef up staff for multiple projects. Personally, it’s also a title I have deep feelings for, as it launched my career as a game designer.”

As for future games, as a director, Miyazaki would like to work on “fantasy with a higher degree of abstraction than past works”.

While creating fantasy titles for action RPGs including Elden Ring, Miyazaki said various ideas and non-applicable imagery “keep piling up” and are something he would like to explore. .

So, it’s unclear what Miyazaki has or will come up with for future or currently in-development titles.

Speaking of which, Miyazaki also said that 4Gamer FromSoftware is currently hiring for various positions to work on several ongoing projects. On its recruiting page, FromSoftware has listed the different roles it is to want to fill. These include game planning, programming, research and development, graphics, engineering, designers, effects, UI, and many other positions.

He also handed over leadership duties to other staff members working on some of these projects, which “are not at the stage” where Miyazaki can discuss them in detail.

And finally, in the interview, Miyazaki confirmed that updates were coming to Elden Ring, but he didn’t say whether they were additional content or gameplay fixes.

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