Gabriella Marcella, founder of Risotto Studio


Founder of Risotto Studio, the Glasgow printing house devoted to the glories of print and paper, talks about the city’s bustling art scene, the beauty of keeping things small and its home-style

Gabriella Marcella established Risotto Studio in 2012 after graduating from the Graphic Design course at the Glasgow School of Art. She wanted to create a specialist printing and stationery shop in the city that would allow her to print the work of her creative colleagues, but also become a sanctuary to experience all that printing, especially Risograph, can offer.

With a love of craftsmanship and small-scale work, Marcella has managed to carve out a place for herself in the world of beautifully printed colorful designs. When not helping others print their work, Marcella works on her own projects, whether it’s creating designs for the boutique or working with brands on a commercial level. In the past, she has created murals, t-shirt designs, wrap-around designs for advertisements and special projects for a range of brands including Apple, Dr Martens, Puma and V&A Dundee.

Here Marcella explains why she got into printing in the first place, the joy of happy accidents and why an organized but chaotic environment works for her.

All images: Gabriella Marcella / Risotto Studio

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