Ganja Game Studio will release the Bob Marley game without Ganja


Vancouver-based LBC Studios, which specializes in cannabis-themed games, has created a new game featuring reggae icon Bob Marley, licensed from the Marley family.

However, although ganja use is part of Marley’s Rastafari faith and LBC is a studio founded in 2015 with a mission to make games about marijuana, the new game dubbed The Bob Marley World Tour, which is slated for release in November 2022, contains no ganja, but focuses solely on the reggae icon’s music.

LBC describes the game on its website as, “An all-new rhythm game that delivers an authentic Bob Marley experience to fans in different cities through funky music and epic performances.”

According to the Canadian company, Bob Marley’s World Tour is a “free-to-play mobile rhythm game that will allow players to perform original Marley songs and remixes from various genres, with an RPG band-building progression.”

LBC co-founder Solon Bucholtz said that the reason marijuana was omitted from the game was because when the decision was made to create the Bob Marley World Tour, he and his colleagues wanted to make sure they were building a game, not just for the Marley fans and music fans, but for real gamers.

As a result, they had to make sure it was accessible to as many people as possible, since some cannabis games could not be distributed in certain countries, “strictly based on content”.

He said that because Bob Marley is a global brand with a global impact, considering the design of the game, the creators also wanted it to be rated for younger audiences and accessible worldwide.

“And we wanted it to be a product that platforms could follow. Whether you’re a kid discovering Marley’s music or an adult who grew up with Bob’s music, philanthropy and beliefs, you can share this experience together. So the Marley game itself does not contain cannabis,” he explained.

According to Bucholtz, while there were “some aspects of cannabis that were obviously very important to Bob and his beliefs,” he doesn’t think “that’s the driving force.”

“And we put enough emphasis on many other areas where Bob is remembered today and has a significant impact on today in the game that this omission is not a negative result in the overall experience. or the authenticity that we offer,” he said. declared.

“When most people think of Bob Marley, there’s probably a song that comes to mind. But then there are the underlying messages that are also related to his beliefs, around philanthropy, around of unity, around bringing people together, and a very positive, non-divisive underlying message. That’s where we wanted to emphasize our focus on the game,” he added.

Bucholtz said that in due course the company will expand the song list beyond the Marley family to include musicians who have been influenced by or support his music.

“For us, it was a natural choice. The music fits well with our audience, Bob Marley is a natural fit, and our team was really excited to be stewards of such a popular and respected brand and bring it to the mobile gaming space,” a- he declared.

In December 2020, High Roller Games, a Canadian company specializing in licensed board games, made the reggae icon the epicenter of their new game titled Bob Marley: The Game of Peace, Love and Unity.

The board game, which costs US$55, is built for two to four players, sees players form a band and go on a Marley-inspired world tour. At the time of its release, it was described by Kelowna-based High Roller as its greatest projects ever.

Both games support One Tree Planted, the Marley family’s favorite charity, which works to reforest trees around the world.

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