Google Meet’s portrait light adds studio-quality lighting to your calls


Google has announced new features for Google Workspace including Portrait Lighting, Portrait Restore, Dereverb, Live Share, and more.

Google announced Portrait Light with studio-grade lighting to improve image quality in calls on Google Meet. With so many virtual meetings being held at home, users have to decide whether to just sit in the dark, set up their desk next to a window, hoping the sun is up, or put a light in front of them. to be at their best. Sure, the extra work might be worth it if the person has a presentation, but the look of the video shouldn’t be what the user is worried about when preparing. And no one will want to go that far for a typical meeting. So, this new addition to Google Meet will give users one less worry.


Last year, Google released immersive backgrounds for Google Meet. This was ideal for users who didn’t want to show off their home or didn’t have a suitable environment for meetings. For example, users could choose between a cafe or a condo, and they were customizable. The best thing about these backgrounds is that they look realistic.

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At I/O 2022, Google announced new features for Google Workspace. One of them is the Portrait Light for Google Meet, which allows users to bring studio-quality lighting to their video without being in a studio. It uses machine learning to adjust the “lighting position and brightness.According to the preview, users would just have to go to the ‘Appearance’ section, select custom, and then move the light where they want with their mouse.

More new Google Workspaces features

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Portrait restoration is similar to portrait light. This one also enhances the video with lighting. Even if the user is in a dimly lit room, it can improve the image. This is also useful if someone is using an old webcam or has a poor internet connection. De-reverb is also a valuable tool that removes echoes from a user’s room. It makes the person feel like they are professionally micro-ed. Another new feature is live sharing, allowing users to sync content so all participants can monitor it. Google has also added its “automated built-in” summaries features to Spaces. Additionally, Google is adding this feature to Google Meet so people can catch up on meetings.

All of these features will help users with work or side projects. They are beneficial in making users’ video calls more professional. They will no longer have jerky sound because they are in a room with echo. And you no longer need to play with light to show your best side. these Google will allow employees to continue to perform at their best from home. And all of this is made possible thanks to the artificial intelligence improvements the company is working on.

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