GTA Wildlife Photography Challenge might unlock you a submarine


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) isn’t just about hijacking cars and shooting people. In fact, the final side mission is rather tame compared to the rest of the game. In this mission, Franklin must capture photos of 20 different animals in order to unlock the Kraken submersible.

In GTA V, after completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission, Franklin receives a message that he has entered the Wildlife Photography Challenge. The text is followed by an email from the Los Santos Tourist Board that tells Franklin exactly what to do. The footage should be captured with his phone’s Snapmatic camera and while a stun gun can be used to stop animals in their tracks, small animals can be killed instantly, he warns.

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In order to complete the missions, a set of rules must be followed, including: only photos of live animals will be accepted, animals must be in the center of the photo, photos taken with a camera filter are unacceptable, selfies are not accepted and all image rights must be transferred to the tourist office.

The email from the tourist boards ends on a rather quirky note, stating: “Make your own boyfriend, fill your glands with puma pheromones, rub yourself in honey and jerk off in a bear pit. Do whatever it takes to get the shot of your life. And try not to get eaten unless you downloaded first. We can’t wait to see (and steal) all of your submissions.

Animals that need to be captured can be found all over the map, such as cats in the back streets of Los Santos, deer in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, poodles in Vinewood Boulevard, or a seagull in Vespucci Beach. Other animals to capture include a pig, pug, cougar, rabbit, hen, and coyote.

Once the mission is complete, Franklin will receive a message from the Los Santos Tourist Office stating that he has won the Kraken Sub which is located at Cape Catfish in the San Chianski mountain range.

This isn’t the first time GTA has launched a photography mission, in 2016 there was another wildlife photography task that Franklin was able to unlock after completing the Paparazzo mission. These missions add another side to the task-based action-adventure game. While stealing blueprints and ending up in a 5* police chase is fun, sometimes it’s nice to embark on a mission that’s a bit more relaxing and definitely more creative.

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