Harmony Dispensary Partners With Jersey City To Sponsor The Annual Art & Studio Tour (JCAST) Event


The Harmony Foundation, a Secaucus-based medical cannabis dispensary, has teamed up in Jersey City to sponsor a party on Saturday during the 31st Annual Jersey City Art and Studio Tour (JCAST).

The harmony dispensary in Secaucus.

By Daniel Ulloa / Hudson County View

Harmony’s Marketing Director Shawn McGurr said Mayor Steven Fulop will be at their “Wild Styles and Strains” party on Saturday, which runs from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Inside the dispensary will be a pop-up art gallery, while there will be music, beer garden, and food trucks outside. The event description also states that street artist Ron English will also be performing live body painting.

McGurr said sponsorship of the festival is a “great opportunity to be a part of the community,” continuing that they are “on a mission to change the stigma of cannabis,” which helps their efforts.

Marketing director Shawn McGurr said that in June, the mural art program contacted Harmony Dispensary CEO Shaya Brodchandel to see if he was interested in helping with the mural festival.

McGurr said it was exciting that Jersey City was setting up a mural art district near their dispensary. In August, Harmony was approved by the Planning advice to operate a medical dispensary at 227 Coles St. off of I-78, which leads to the Holland Tunnel.

Their goal is to open the dispensary by the end of the year. However, it is difficult to set a precise date as they await final approvals, and that could be pushed back until next year.

They are proud of their contribution to the overall neighborhood transformation effort, which is expected to eventually include a new Hudson-Bergen light rail station.

“Before Shaya comes here and sings this lease, this area under the toll highway and [Route] 1 and 9 was no man’s land. People were literally afraid to cross the areas under the bridge, ”McGurr said.

The Harmony building, located at 227 Coles Street, now has murals on three sides painted as part of the city’s efforts.

Notably, the mural will have an ‘augmented reality’, where if someone is looking at the mural on their cell phone, a hologram of the creator appears on the screen and discusses the piece.

The technology is similar to that used by a QR code, but instead, the mural is the code.

“Instead of an ugly QR code, you have this beautiful picture,” noted.

Brodchandel said Harmony is also in talks with the Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services to host educational presentations on cannabis in the city’s six neighborhoods.

They also want to do something similar in Hoboken, where they have been approved for a medical cannabis dispensary.

Harmony certainly won’t be the only cannabis dispensary in Jersey City.

The city council has approved sweeping medical and adult cannabis ordinances, authorizing many dispensaries and other cannabis businesses.

“We want to change the stigma and know that we are a safe and great place to go,” added Brodchandel.

Editor’s Note: Daniel Ulloa runs the New Jersey cannabis site Headynj.com.

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