Highsnobiety’s new venture is an NFT studio


The publisher and creative agency is adding a new technological dimension to its business that will see it launch its own NFTs and help other brands execute projects in the space.

The studio expands on the shops Highsnobiety has previously advised lifestyle and luxury brands on creative projects and produced its own range of products. However, it is entirely focused on NFTs and Web3-related projects, which basically means blockchain-based endeavors. Founder and Managing Director David Fischer said he would take care of “everything that has to do with the technical capabilities of running a project from start to finish, both for ourselves but also for our clients”. This can include helping brands create NFTs or explaining how they connect to a crypto wallet.

Another important priority for the studio will be to help Highsnobiety and its partners manage the communities around these projects on channels such as Discord. He also works with Web3 clients who need help with fashion or retail projects, such as producing t-shirts, finding collaboration partners, or setting up a pop-up store.

Last year, many fashion and luxury brands launched NFT collections, although they did not always have the in-house skills to create digital assets themselves. This has opened up an opportunity for partners to turn to for creative help to develop these capabilities themselves. The MA+ Group agency has just launched its own NFT and metaverse division to help brands find the talent they need.

While Highsnobiety’s Expertise is in streetwear and sneakers, Fischer said the company has seen clear overlaps between these categories and NFTs, such as the drop pattern for new releases, the influence of perceived scarcity and sentiment. of collective membership among buyers. Customers asked Highsnobiety for advice and he saw that his audience was also interested. The company tested the waters with its own NFT projects, including a collaboration with RTFKT, the studio that has since been acquired by Nike, which Fischer says was successful.

Highsnobiety To make the most of the opportunities of Web3, he needed a dedicated team. Jüergen Alker has been appointed Managing Director of the studio and will lead a team from the company’s headquarters in Berlin.

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