Hollywood Flashback: Miles Teller made his studio debut in ‘Free’


10 years before Paramount+’s “The Offer,” the artist rocked the change in the ’80s hit.

Miles Teller, who now stars as Godfather creator Albert Ruddy on The Offer (which debuts on Paramount+ April 28), broke out playing a jazz drummer in 2014’s Whiplash.

However, three years prior, he had made his studio film debut as a musically tested high school understudy in 2011’s Footloose.

The film, which capitalized on the prevalence of the Step Up establishment that debuted in 2006 (and made Channing Tatum a star), was a revamp of the 1984 hit about a tall Chicago kid named Ren (Kevin Bacon) who helps a small Midwestern town move again after the action is banned at the encouragement of an overenthusiastic evangelist (John Lithgow).

The Change stars Kenny Wormald (a former Justin Timberlake Foundation artist who was cast when Zac Efron retired, pointed out that he would be classified as an absolutely routine man after his musical success in high school) as Ren and migrates the city to Georgia (the natural southern region of chief author Craig Brewer, who made a name for himself with Memphis’ Hustle and Flow in 2005).

There, a dance boycott is set in motion after an accident ends the existence of a gathering of teenagers returning home from a party.

Teller, then 23, plays Willard in the recast, a charming jerk who befriends Ren and later figures out how to move around in a montage on “We Should Hear It For The Boy” – just like in the first.

“I have distinctive memories of Miles Teller letting me know he can’t move,” comments the film’s choreographer, Jamal Sims.

“Still, he said, ‘I can do it’ – and he did a hill, kind of a moon walk around and around. I was like, ‘God, you can move!’ We therefore use this skimming in two or more times.

He had moves from now on. He really was Willard.

The new Footloose disappointed The Hollywood Reporter, with its felony finder calling it a “numbers company that produces repeated compassion for hormone-laden high school kids who pull out of their pants to figure out how to show off.”

The survey named Wormald a “vibrant and engaging new performer” and a “lighthearted element and hesitant performer”, broadcast THR, Teller’s “score”.

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