How Solo Leveling’s Redice Studio Works With BTS And Webtoon, Explained



7Fates is produced by Redice Studio, a webtoon production company that has been behind such illustrious hits as the beloved Solo Leveling series.

Webtoon and K-Pop fans are in for a treat, because 7Fates: Chakho, the new webtoon series featuring pop group BTS, is finally out. Due to the simple idea of ​​combining the group with a webtoon series, many manhwa fans would probably already be hooked. For those on the fence, however, the other creators behind the series have their own legacies.

7Fates is produced by Redice Studio, a webtoon production company behind such illustrious hits as the beloved series Solo Leveling. This quickly puts some respect on the show’s name and elevates it above just a boy band tie-in, promising a story that’s sure to appeal to all sorts of fans.

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7Fates and Redice Studio

As of this writing, the early chapters of 7Fates were posted through the Webtoon app. This was the second webtoon series to be produced for BTS, as the group had a 2019 series titled Save me which was based on an album concept. While this series is more original in its premise, it’s sure to include a lot of what webtoon and BTS fans loved about the first series, especially given the pedigree of who’s behind it.

7Fates is produced by Redice Studio, which was also behind Solo Leveling. This series, as well as tower of god, is by far the biggest global webtoon and manhwa achievement. The webtoon version of Solo Leveling recently ended, but it’s still incredibly popular, to the point that many are asking for an anime adaptation. The fact that Redice was involved was actually a surprise, as it was only “announced” through the last panel of the first chapter of 7Fates. In most marketing materials, HYBE and Webtoon’s involvement has been emphasized instead, although this new development information for the series is sure to attract readers who might not have watched the series otherwise.

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How 7Fates Compares to Solo Leveling

angry jinwoo solo leveling

There are striking similarities between plots and concepts in both 7Fates: Chakho and Solo Leveling apart from the mere involvement of Redice Studio. Their art styles and designs are very similar, which makes sense considering Redice CEO illustrated Solo Leveling.

They are also fantastic stories, like Solo Leveling presents a world in which hunters using magic protect humanity from supernatural monsters. Likewise, in 7Fates, the series’ BTS alternates are supernatural hunters themselves, using their skills and ties to mythology to eradicate tiger-like monsters. The series’ protagonist, Jungkook, as a potentially hated human hybrid, brings up Sung Jinwoo from Solo Leveling, who was weak and looked down upon by his peers. All of this reinforces the potential to attract fans of BTS’s music and other webtoons such as Solo Leveling, creating a kind of multimedia synergy that could make 7Fates in the next big international hit.

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