How to add sample packs to FL Studio


Sample packs are a great addition to your music production. Here’s how to add them in FL Studio.

There is no limit to the number of sounds you can use when creating projects in FL Studio. Although the DAW comes with an impressive number of plugins and sounds, you will probably have your own idea of ​​what kind of loops or samples you want to use in your music.

Fortunately, adding sample packs to FL Studio is extremely easy to do.

What is a sample pack?

Sample packs are collections of sounds that producers can use. They can be free or paid, so it all depends on where you’re looking and what kind of sounds you’re looking for. Usually sample pack files use the WAV file type for the best quality and can be sounds such as a piano loop, drum beat, vocal line or just about anything depending on what. that you searched for.


Sample packs give you more freedom over the sounds you have when making music. Although FL Studio is one of the best music production software out there, you’ll probably find that their stock sounds don’t match the sample packs you can find and download.

How to add a sample pack to FL Studio

To add a sample pack to FL Studio, you must first find and download one. There are a plethora of places online that can help you find sample packs. Subreddits like r/MakingHipHop, r/EDMProduction, and r/samplesforall, among others, are great for guiding you to mostly free samples.

To add a sample pack to FL Studio once you’ve downloaded it, follow the steps below:

  1. Move the downloaded sample pack to the desired location on your computer, for example, Desk Where Documents.
  2. Open FL Studio.
  3. In the top menu, click Choice so what File settings.
  4. In the File Settings menu, click the Empty folder icon of an empty field.
  5. Select the location of your sample pack in the File Explorer which appears.
  6. Click on OKAY.

You should now be able to use your sample pack in FL Studio. While you can certainly pay online for some sounds and plugins for FL Studio, using the best free VST plugins and sample packs will be more than enough to get you by without compromising your sound.

Using sample packs in FL Studio

Using sample packs can be a great way to ensure that your music production is completed with the highest quality sounds. FL Studio can be quite difficult to learn, but luckily this aspect of production is quick and easy.

If you find learning FL Studio difficult, you may benefit from reading online websites or viewing YouTube channels to help you learn faster.

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