How to Set Up a Complete Video-Enabled Studio Setup for Under $3,000



So many YouTubers are able to project an air of authority with amazing A-roll setups. While it might seem like you need a dedicated studio space to do this, that’s not always the case, as this video shows you how to achieve a professional look on a budget.

Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter is a setup that can easily create a great studio setup to offer video commentary. While the centerpiece of this setup (and the one that eats the most money from the $3,000 budget set by Pike) is the Canon EOS R7. While the $1500 price tag is a lot for a “budget” setup, the camera also delivers plenty of video, shooting at 4K60 and C-Log 3, which can help with color quality later on.

Coupled with other budget-friendly gear, such as a Rode VideoMic Go II and the right amount of lighting and camera mounts, you not only get decent studio lighting and audio setup, but the ability to take everything the equipment on the road and go if necessary.

Of particular note is the lighting equipment, the only Amaran 100D LED luminaire. The company isn’t as common a name as, say, Westcott or Rotolight, but working at a school that just outfitted my students with a bunch of these kits, I can say these offer some serious value- price. As he notes in the video, the light in his shot is only 20% so these can get really bright and have lots of options. The color temperature is also adjustable, and they seem fairly solidly built, although time will tell in rudimentary student hands.

More importantly, Pike installed the whole thing in an area the size of most bedrooms, since people don’t usually have large unallocated spaces in their homes to create a studio.

There are a few other tips on how to make the background stand out and control the fill light and shadows, as well as other gear recommendations to make good use of that budget. To learn more, click on the video above.

Do you have any low budget studio tips? Share them in the comments below.

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