How to Take Photos at the Photography Studio in Pokémon Legends Arceus



Prepare your camera and prepare your favorite pokemon, it’s time to take some pictures. The Photography Studio is one of the many buildings you can access in Jubilife Village. Here you can take pictures by yourself or any pokemon you caught on your journey. Here’s how you can take photos at the photography studio in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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You won’t unlock the photography studio right away. You will first need to complete the game introduction and become a member of the Survey Corps. After completing the first Survey Corps mission, you will gain access to various buildings in Jubilife Village. Head to the camera icon on the map to find the photography studio. Talk to the photographer outside to gain access to the building.

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When you walk into the studio, you’ll have access to a ton of choices when getting ready to take a shot. Talk to the photographer, Dagero, and he’ll give you options like brewing a pokemon, changing the screen color, and changing the lens filter. Once you have everything ready, stand on the screen to be prompted to take pictures.

After selecting the take photo prompt, you will have a few more options that you can browse. Here you can change your expression, direct your pokemon’s actions, and change your pose. When you’re happy with your choices, select the start shooting option to dismiss the menu. You can now press the screenshot button on your Switch to take photos. Press the B Button at any time to stop and change poses.

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