Huawei releases DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 4 HarmonyOS


After two months of waiting, Huawei has officially launched the DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 4 version. In the latest release, the Chinese manufacturer has added support for HarmonyOS 3.0 JS / eTS developer applications and services.

For those unfamiliar, Huawei DevEco Studio is an all-in-one development environment (IDE) tool for developing HarmonyOS applications. In other words, the software is capable of providing the developers with facilities to perform several application development tasks and an on-screen testing emulator.

According to reports, the latest Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 4 mainly brings the developments of JS/eTS applications and services of HarmonyOS 3.0. Besides, it also improves the low-code development, reviewers and editors of the program. In addition, it improves and optimizes the information center experience.

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The DevEco Studio now offers a variety of new preview functions. Such as multi-device preview, two-way preview, real-time preview, dynamic preview, etc. Thus, it allows developers to quickly visualize the effect of running UI code during UI interface development.

However, developers need to register these functions using the hotkey CTRL+S. So if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. To do this, click on the format below and read the instructions carefully.

Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 4: Format

Speaking of DevEco Studio 3.0, this technology uproots the open source variant of the IntelliJ IDEA community. Moreover, it helps app developers to control Huawei devices accordingly. It is a one-stop distributed platform that allows developers to produce versatile applications for all devices and scenarios.

As for its features, Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 offers distributed multi-device development, debugging and emulation, as well as comprehensive quality and security guarantees. In addition, it provides manufacturers with E2E applications and development services. For example, model building, coding, code editing, compiling, etc.

On the other hand, the third beta version of DevEco Studio 3.0 brought support for OpenHarmony applications and services. As a result, developers were able to learn about Sample’s one-click creation, deep integration of document content, and other new features.

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