Instagram copies BeReal with dual camera feature in latest update


Just a day later BeReal reached the top spot (opens in a new tab) In the App Store, Instagram has launched a new dual camera feature so you can simultaneously record and take photos using the front and back camera. BeReal was launched as an almost anti-Instagram app that was more about the here and now than just showing the best moments of your life.

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri made an announcement earlier this week about the features of Instagram’s latest update, which included a dual camera, reel models, and reel video merge. Instagram has recently been criticized for putting too much emphasis on video content rather than photos, which is how it all started. In fact, an Instagram user started the movement to remake Instagram Instagram (opens in a new tab)hoping to return to a photo sharing platform.

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To use the dual camera feature, you need to create a reel and select dual camera, this will then allow you to record both what you see and yourself at the same time. The biggest difference between BeReal’s version and Instagram’s version is that BeReal only lets you post once a day and every day is a different time, so you can do anything from walking the dog to cleaning the house to partying in Ibiza. The beauty of it is that whatever you do, you share it.

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Instagram seems to have fallen into a trend of copying other apps rather than trying to carve out its own niche (which, FYI, should be photos). Since the launch of TikTok, Instagram has favored video content in the form of reels over photo content and creators have seen a drop in engagement.

The dual camera feature on BeReal provides an authenticity that Instagram just doesn’t have and while it might be nice to be able to record yourself and what you can see, it doesn’t seem like that’s something Instagram needed.

No doubt supporters of the Make Instagram movement Instagram Again will have even more fire in their stomachs for the app to return to what it was with a chronological feel, photo-focused content, and fewer suggested posts. When will Instagram learn that no one likes what it’s getting and that these updates aren’t improvements?!

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