Irix launches a new range of super resistant ND filters


Swiss lens manufacturer Irix, best known for producing high quality optics for the photo and film industry, has just expanded its range of filters. Now featuring the new Irix Edge Super Resistance (SR) version in its 100mm square filter range, they are designed not only to provide exceptional protection, but also accurate color rendition, sharpness and contrast.

These new filters can be used with the Irix IFH-100 and IGH-100 Pro filter holders. The main difference between the two is that while the IFH-100 only has room for one filter, the IFH-100 Pro can also be used with a polarizing filter. Each of the Super Resistance filters has exceptional resistance to mechanical damage caused by impact, increased scratch resistance and a Nano coating that allows them to repel water, dirt and dust.

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In total there are four soft graduated SR filters with ND 4.8, 17 and 32, two hard graduated filters with ND 4 and 8 plus two reversible graduated ND filters which are perfect for shooting sunset and the sunrise. Additionally, there will be four standard ND filters designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the camera’s sensor, allowing you to shoot with a wide aperture and slow shutter speed even in bright conditions.

For any serious landscape photographer, Graduated ND Filters and Full ND Filters are a must as they properly expose the foreground and sky. You can of course use bracketing to achieve the same effect, but that means a lot more post-processing work. Filter sets aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth the investment if you regularly shoot seascapes, like to capture those perfect sunset/sunrise scenes, or want to spend as little time as possible editing. .

The new Irix Super Resistance filters are now available for purchase directly on the Irix store (opens in a new tab) and at official Irix retailers. Prices start at €125/$127 for one of the full ND filters and €149/$152 for the graduated ND filters.

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