Jagex announces partnership with independent studio to release Melvor Idle, a slow-motion game inspired by RuneScape


The brainchild of Australian solo developer Brendan Malcolm, a RuneScape since his youth, Melvor Inactive was designed as a way to reimagine the basic components of the RuneScape frankness in a way that they could be enjoyed casually, adjusting to the busy schedule of his adult life. Drawing inspiration from the setting, skills, combat and mechanics of RuneScape, it distilled the core components into an idle game in the same vein as games such as Clicker Heroes and Egg Inc.

Jagex first became aware of Melvor Inactive early in 2020, and was extremely impressed with the game, realizing that there was a significant opportunity to help support the game’s future development, and to reward and bring a passionate fan-made project to life. attention from RuneScape players around the world. The game will be released from Early Access and officially released in November.

Chris Pfeiffer, Director of Product Management at Jagex Partners, said: “We are extremely happy to publish Melvor Inactive. Every now and then we come across a game and a developer that is so well aligned with our core values ​​that it feels natural to Jagex partners. With so many of our team being fans of the game, and seeing what Brendan has been able to accomplish as a single player developer inspired by the games we’ve been developing for 20 years is truly magical. We look forward to using the skills and experience we have at Jagex Partners to support the future development of Melvor Inactive, leveraging our marketing, communications and localization resources to ensure the game reaches the widest possible audience and its full potential.

Brendan Malcolm, founder of Games by Malcs and creator of Melvor Inactive, said: “Being able to work directly with Jagex on this topic has been a dream come true. I never imagined when I started development on Melvor Inactive in 2018 that I would end up receiving support from the very studio that inspired me in the first place. The support that this partnership has given me will not only allow me to reach even more players with Melvor Inactive, but will really help me establish Games by Malcs as a promising studio with an office in Perth, Australia. I look forward to working with Jagex on the manufacturing Melvor Inactive an even greater success than I had hoped for.

Melvor Inactive is currently in early access on To smoke (with 93% positive reviews *) and will launch in November for $ 9.99 / £ 7.19 / € 8.19. The game is also free to try ios (4.9 / 5 review score *) and Android (4.8 / 5 * review score) with in-app purchase for the full version.

Visit Melvor Inactive to To smoke for all the latest information on the game. Melvor Inactive conversation about Twitter, Discord and Reddit.

Melvor Inactive is the second game announced by Jagex Partners, with Space punks, developed by Flying Wild Hog, currently in Early Access on the Epic Games Store.

Jeff Pabst, vice president of third parties and partnerships, said, “Jagex Partners continues to focus on becoming the publisher of choice for living game developers around the world. However, some great community-driven games like Melvor Inactive inspired us to broaden our search for development partners to include games that represent the community ethic that Jagex has always followed. We look forward to more announcements as we close the year and move towards 2022 and beyond. “

* Correct review notes as of October 20e 2021

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