Jammu’s own Folk Studio receives praise for promoting Dogri melodies


Jammu: After almost more than a decade, veteran folk singer, Krishan Lal Premi Jatt has made a sudden appearance on the social media platform with his famous Dogri song “Loko Migi Taang Sajne Di” but in a new “ avtaar”.

Forgotten by the current generation, known locally as Premi Jatt, he relived the moment he shared the stage at Jammu’s ‘Folk Studio’ with famous singer Sonali Dogra, the winner of Voice of Punjab season 6 in 2016.

Brain child of Natya Roots Production, Jammu Folk Studio deserves praise from the Dogra community living across the world for promoting regional melodies that have remained on the shelves for years.

Natya Roots production manager Aakash Dogra, the man behind Folk Studio Melodies, speaking to UNI, said the motive behind the move was to take the dogri language to the next level.

“If other regional languages ​​become popular everywhere then why not Dogri and being a Jammuite I thought to promote my mother tongue,” Dogra said, saying it rejuvenated him by bringing the Dogri singers – the young and old – to one platform.

“Months after visualizing the dream, after hard efforts, the execution came true and at the end of July, Folk Studio Season 1’s melodious mix Dogri featuring Premi Jatt, Romalo Ram, Sonali Dogra and Sars Bharti was released. “said Dogra, who himself is a renowned dancer, choreographer and filmmaker.

In Season 1, out of a total of eight (Dogri and regional languages), three songs were released, Dogra said, adding, “A beautifully decorated set for shooting songs has been temporarily established in Jammu. The singers weren’t even aware of the concept and were taken by surprise after the songs were released.

Inspired by folk studio formats popular on social media, Folk Studio Melodies Jammu is receiving accolades from the Dogra community for an innovative and trendy way to reconnect Dogri-speaking people.

“It is good to teach all languages ​​to our children but at the same time parents should also speak in Dogri with children as it is our mother tongue,” suggests Dogra stating that the Dogra community living in n’ any part of the world must not forget their roots and encourage ‘maa boli’ Dogri in all aspects.

However, apart from ‘Loko Migi Taang Sajne Di’, ‘Nai Kar Goriye’ sung by Suraj Singh, Sonali Dogra and brothers Roohi Singh and Joohi Singh and ‘Niki Niki Loi’ by Sonali Dogra and Waqar Khan released on August 18, flooded of likes, have remained back-to-back hits on social media.

Additionally, the contributions of around 80 people in the team made this project a success for Natya Roots Production House, says Dogra.

The executive producer of the project is Sandeep Verma while the music is composed by Kabul Bukhari and other singers included Krishna Kumari, Raman Salathia, Nirbhay Salathia, Suresh Chouhan, Kabul Bukhari, Zartashaa Zaineb and Rinku from Mansar.

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