Jason Sudiekis was seduced by Studio 8H in his monologue “SNL”


Jason Sudiekis was able to return “home” Saturday at Studio 8H, hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time since leaving the series in 2013. The reunion of sorts was certainly exciting for fans, who got to see the actor reprise his role as Joe Biden in the series’ cold opening and even help bring back What’s Up With That? later in the program.

All this nostalgia may be the reason why the Ted lasso the star got nostalgic during its cold opening, peppered with jokes about how to get Lorne Michaels to notice you (“win an Emmy”) while

“It’s so cool to be a part of the incredible story of this show,” said Sudeikis. “A story that’s been fueled for its first 25 years by cocaine and adrenaline, its next 15 years by Starbucks and unhealthy comparisons, and the last six years by Adderall and fear, I would say.”

Later, however, Sudeikis got a bit out of Ted Lasso when he got sentimental about the studio itself and all the history it holds.

“This place has changed my life. Twice, ”Sudeikis said after releasing some of the show’s most famous skits and musical guests. “Once as a member of the cast, as a writer here. But most importantly as a kid watching from the house. And there’s a good chance that if you watch tonight, there’s probably something from this place that has also changed your life.

Sudeikis joked that her show probably wouldn’t change a life, but the Lasso-like thinking about the show’s impact set up a solid night at Studio 8H, to say the least. . You can watch the full monologue above.

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