John Lewis risks playing Scrooge in a Christmas cake | Consumer affairs


John Lewis customers who received free cakes and hot drinks as part of a loyalty program will see their calorie intake reduced after the retailer announced it was reducing the offer as Christmas approaches.

Since last October, retailer My John Lewis’s rewards program has attracted approximately 1 million members who have received a range of bespoke benefits, including free tea and cakes at John Lewis restaurants each month, participation in Regular raffles and invitations to “exclusive” local events.

The retailer said its program “is still evolving” and that, as part of the changes, it will reduce the number of hot drink and cake vouchers it sends so that customers can continue to enjoy high service standards while that its cafes and restaurants are becoming more and more frequented. Christmas is coming.

He said not all members will receive the same rewards as they are based on a variety of factors including how often they buy from John Lewis, how much they spend and what they buy.

John Lewis said in a statement: “As we approach our busy Christmas season we will be reducing the number of hot drink and cake vouchers issued to customers as our cafes and restaurants get extremely busy during this time and we want to make sure that our customers experience the high standards of service they expect from us.

“All My John Lewis member rewards are continuously reviewed and the rewards our members will receive in the future depend on a variety of factors.”

The retailer said it “is constantly looking for new ways to say ‘thank you’ to our members,” and will introduce new rewards in the coming year.

He added, “These will be launched along with our hot drink and cake voucher, which will always be a reward that many members will appreciate.”

Guy Anker, editor of the consumer support website, said: “There will be many loyal customers who are disappointed with John Lewis. Our users told us they felt disappointed that the offer had been changed.

“People really feel the pinch, and as Christmas approaches, they’re more likely to have walked into the store for a free cup of tea and slice of cake.”


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