Journalist punched live on camera as Utah fans celebrate



Local journalist Kelly vaughen put their physical safety on the line as rowdy Utah football fans celebrated a big win – their team’s first Rose Bowl appearance.

On Friday night, the University of Utah Utes faced the University of Oregon Ducks in Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Championship.

The results was a 38-10 win that sealed Utah’s debut Championship and first Rose Bowl appearance, and will likely throw a thousand Joe pesciFred gwynn memes. Utah entered the game in 18th place, while Oregon was in 10th place before the game.

After the game, KUTV 2 Sports reporter Kelly Vaughen made a live hit with very excited fans.

“Well let me tell you these fans are ecstatic! Vaughen said, an understatement if there was one.

Fans started shouting and pushing the reporter at the most exciting and whitest event since the Hoth invasion.

Vaughen recovered quickly and started interviewing some of the fans.

“What did you think of the game? She asked a very young fan, who told her “It was amazing, absolutely!”

And was it a big game for you? said Vaughen.

“Yes, it was my first game! It was awesome! ”Said the kid.

Things got deaf again, as another fan grabbed the microphone and shouted “WE SEND THE QUACKIN DUCKS !!! “

Vaughen received kudos from the return-to-studio crew, who noted, “I know she died from fatigue, but she did a great job there today.”

In a Tweeter, Vaughen wrote, “This could win for my craziest live shot. Bonus points if you spot when I’m nearly knocked out with my own mic.

The fearless Vaughen also documented his experiences with Utah fans by Tweeter photos and videos throughout the day on Friday.

Watch above via KUTV.

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