Just Cause Studio Founder Talks Canceled Iron Man Game


What could have been…

Of all the Marvel heroes, Iron Man has to be one of the most beloved, thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark. There have been a few Iron Man games over the years, including a 2008 SEGA release in conjunction with the movie (and a 2010 sequel), as well as a well-received VR game in 2020. Even with those titles, it still looks like Iron Man needs a big explosive game à la Insomniac Spider Man. Well, the dream of an open-world Iron Man game has almost come true, according to a MinnMax interview with Christofer Sundberg, founder of Avalanche Studios (who are best known for the just cause series).

Sundberg left the studio in 2019, but in the interview he confirmed that Avalanche made an open-world Iron Man game for “a few years”, news of which circulated as rumors and had not been officially confirmed until now. Apparently, players could have flown anywhere on the map and even punched enemies through walls with Iron Man’s rocket-propelled gloves. The game was eventually canceled in 2012, and what caused the game to fail remains a mystery.

just causeThe gameplay looks pretty similar to what an open-world Iron Man game might look like, so in theory it wasn’t a huge leap forward for Avalanche given its track record.

Since then, it feels like Insomniac has taken up the mantle of single-player AAA superhero games, first with Spider Manand now with the long-awaited Wolverine. Adding Iron Man to this list is small potatoes at this point, so there’s always the possibility that the Avalanche concept could live on.

It’s a shame projects get scrapped all the time in the video game industry, but with such a cool idea, someone has to pick it up…right?

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