Kanye West & Scarface Team Up For Studio Session: Watch


The video has no sound, but it’s obvious Ye was sensing what he was working on.

Kanye West had a huge ending until 2021, and from the appearance of a new video, the 44-year-old won’t be slowing down in 2022. As Complex reports that the founder of Yeezy was recorded preparing something in the studio with Scarface, from Houston, who nodded enthusiastically for everything Ye was doing.

The couple previously teamed up for “This Can’t Be Life” with Jay-Z, as well as “Guess Who’s Back”, “Heaven” and “In Cold Bold” from Scar’s 2002 album. The fix. Fun fact – the Geto Boys member was also supposed to appear on the 2004 father-of-four song “Jesus Walks”, although scheduling conflicts unfortunately kept this from happening.

“I think I got tied up,” the 51-year-old told VladTV. “Jay-Z always draws my attention to this shit every fucking time. ‘Dude, you were supposed to be on the’ Jesus Walks ‘, man. We organized this for you.’ […] Something else has happened. I used to work at Def Jam and something else had [come] at the top.”

A video that surfaced on December 28 shows the longtime friends returning to the studio together, and while it has no sound, it’s obvious the two are feeling the music West was making. It’s still unclear whether he was working on something new or playing with older works from his discography.

“This HeadBop made me itch for new music,” one person wrote upon seeing the video. “Kanye is just serving this industry non-stop and you all talk about ‘opposite Kim Kardashian’ lmao,” added another, referring to the house the rapper recently bought on the streets for his ex-wife. ; read more about it here.


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