KING’S X Announces First Studio Album In 14 Years, “Three Sides Of One”, Shares Single “Let It Rain”



King’s Xmade up of Doug “Dug” Pinnick, Ty Tabor and jerry gaskillwill release their 13th studio album, “Three Sides of One”September 2nd. The LP’s first heavy single, “let it rain”can be streamed below.

Pinnick comments: “When I think about it, King’s X it’s like two old best friends getting together, flipping shit and having a good time, it’s instinctive.

“When I was listening to demo tapes of jerry and Ty for the record, it gave me a great perspective on how lucky I am to be in King’s X. What they did on “Three Sides of One” sounded so good. As familiar as it is, it’s like I’m in a new band.”

Ty adds: “This time we sat down, listened to each other’s ideas and collectively said to ourselves, ‘Let’s work on this. It was the most enjoyable album I’ve personally ever recorded in my entire life, period.”

jerry states, “I will treasure what we did in my heart forever. Everything lined up perfectly.”

“Three Sides of One” will be available as a limited CD digipak, 180g 2LP+CD+LP gatefold booklet and digital album. There will also be a limited deluxe 180g Orange/Red Marble 2LP+CD+LP booklet which also includes a hand numbered poster and print, as well as an exclusive variation of the cover artwork.

In 2019, members of King’s X gathered at black sound studio in Pasadena, California, with Emmy Awards– winning producer Michael Parnin to bring “Three Sides of One” live. Despite constant touring, they hadn’t released a new album since 2008. Nevertheless, the guys picked up where they left off. Confidant and creative collaborator Wally Farkas unfolded, and they channeled their amazing chemistry on tape.

“Three Sides of One” track list:

01. let it rain (04:28)
02. Flood point 1 (03:03)
03. Nothing but the truth (06:03
04. give it up (02:59
05. All of God’s Children (05:32)
06. Take time (03:45)
07. Festival (03:30)
08. Swipe up (03:46)
09. Holidays (03:22)
ten. Observer (03:43)
11. She called me at home (03:57)
12. Everywhere (02:40)

Last October, Pinnick Told talking metal on the musical direction of the new King’s X material: “Each song is completely different from the other – mixed and sounded; everything. We took each song and tried to do as THE BEATLES ‘White’ and sit down with a song and say, ‘Let’s give him what he needs.’ I don’t need to have my Doug Pinnick your gritty if i need one Paul McCartney-sound type. Ty, he was fixing his guitars to make… ‘It’s like any song. Let’s make it what it is, but let’s always be King’s X.’ So I think it sounds like King’s X but I hope everyone will feel that we have taken another step forward. The goal is just to try to move forward [while] always look back. There’s a lot on this record that reminds King’s X totally, but there’s this new King’s X, I think. Sonically, we’re really excited because it’s a complete analog record except with Professional tools. It was established with analog – everything – and it was mastered on analog tape and even EQed with analog tube EQs to overdrive the tape for compression instead of digits. So there are no numbers on this record. So when you hear it, it will take you back a bit. Sounds like you put on a real record in the 70s, sonically. It’s, like, things jump out at you, and then they don’t. It’s like, you say, ‘Wow, the bass is huge, but I can hear everything else’, because you can almost put your hands in it. Michael Parnin just did an amazing job – painstaking work – to make it sound like a record you can put on and play forever.”

New King’s X LP was mastered in June 2021 at Bernie Grundman Masters facility in Hollywood, California,

In April 2021, Pinnick Told Shawn ratches by Laughingmonkeymusic on the new King’s X material: “I had some pretty crazy songs, time-wise, because I listened to a lot of MESHUGGAH and shit like that. It’s not King’s Xbut that flavor kicks in. Imagine John Bonham playing with MESHUGGAH… But Ty and jerry sing a lot too. I tell people, it’s like [THE BEATLES‘ classic song] ‘Penny Lane’ to the heaviest MESHUGGAH – it’s a mix of something in between. And song to song almost sounds different, almost to the point where they’re individual pieces themselves, like FLOYD ROSE used to do. We have violins and other things in it. I have keyboards and all sorts of things to enhance things — piano. Nothing over the top, but just like [Jimi] Hendrix done and people like that – great things coming in and going out that give it that longevity, I would say. Things that you hear and say, ‘Oh, wow. That’s great.’ That little thing over there. So it’s taken Michael a lot of time to mix it, because it has a lot of tracks.”

King’s X has been sidelined by several health alerts in recent years, including Pinnickthe two hernia operations and the two near-fatal heart attacks suffered by Gaskill.

In October 2019, King’s X canceled all of its previously announced tour dates for the year so that Gaskill could undergo undisclosed heart “procedures”.

“XV” has been King’s Xhighest charting album since 1996 “Ear Candy”.

In 2005, VH1 included King’s X in its list of the “100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists”.

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