KJ Sails shines on the pitch and in front of the camera


TAMPA, Florida – Everywhere KJ Sails goes, his four-year-old son King follows him.

“He loves to do whatever I do,” KJ said. “He’s trying to do it, at least.

It’s their routine most days of the week. KJ runs through the footsteps, King trying to follow. The former USF defensive back has dreamed of playing in the NFL since he was around King’s age.

And he’s doing everything he can to keep his dream alive.

“Everyone has to have a why, so it’s mine,” he said.

That’s why KJ pushes his body through tough workouts. Why he stays in shape. Why he stays ready. Because he knows the phone call could come at any time from an NFL team in need of a defensive back.

“You have to believe in yourself and keep working and putting the work in,” KJ said. “And everything else will follow.”

Fellow USF Bull alumnus Amarri Jackson makes sure he’s ready when that phone rings.

“It’s 95 percent wanting, the rest he’s got the talent,” Jackson said. “He was ready. He has been ready since leaving college. Mentally, physically, he’s ready.

He just needs a team to give him a chance. KJ’s brief stint with the Los Angeles Chargers earlier this season gave him a taste of the NFL and he would like more.

“I’m just hungry for more because I know I can play in the league and I know I belong,” he said.

But just in case that phone call never comes, KJ is also preparing for life after football.

“I’ve always been the guy who thinks outside the box,” KJ said. “I am not naive at all. I know I am more than that. That’s what I want to do of course, but it’s not who I am.

Football does not define KJ Sails. But it gave him a foundation to build on. And it gave him the confidence to try new businesses.

KJ recently took a crash course in sports broadcasting, an area he wants to pursue. Working with Spectrum Sports 360 reporter Chris Torello, he got a behind-the-scenes look at what it would take to get from the field to the camera.

Just as skillfully as he picked quarterbacks for the Bulls, KJ broke down his own plays and analyzed his alma mater’s recent moves.

KJ definitely has a knack for gossip. And he knows his sport. Especially football. Football is in his blood.

“God has blessed me with many talents. I am blessed, ”he said. “Not everyone gets the chance to do different things, so I’m not naive like I said. I am able to do a lot of things and I enjoyed doing it with you.

As much fun as KJ was in the studio, his real work continues on the football field. This is because this dream is still pulling him and he is still chasing it.

“This is my childhood dream and like everything I’m not going to stop until I understand it,” KJ said. “Your dream can come true if you keep pushing, if you keep fighting.

“And if you really want something and believe in it, you’ll get it.”

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