KRK Music is giving away $30,000 in home studio equipment in June


KRK Music is proud to be behind great music. The audio electronics brand boosts its pride with its wide range of high-end studio monitors, as well as subwoofers and headphones.

KRK is running its biggest Australian promotion this month, with $30,000 in prizes up for grabs. The crown jewel of the prize pool is a fully-equipped KRK home studio worth over $6,000, including a full rack of KRK speakers, a brand new MacBook Pro, and loads of recording and music equipment. There is also a large number of smaller price, including 100 KRK studio prize bundles including a pair of KRK headphones.

Anyone who buys a KRK Classic, ROKIT or V Series studio monitor in the month of June has a chance to win a KRK home studio. To make your purchase easier, we have put together a guide with all the information you need about KRK monitors.

ROKIT Generation 4

KRK ROKIT studio monitors have been the industry standard for 25 years. The brand’s classic yellow frames have come to prominence thanks to ROKITs, which continue to be used in some of the world’s most famous mixing and mastering studios. In recent years, KRK’s ROKITs have featured in productions by contemporary artists Post Malone, Blink-182, Iggy Azalea and the late Mac Miller. The new ROKIT G4 range continues to build on the ROKIT heritage.


KRK’s history of innovation doesn’t mean ROKIT monitors are unattainable. The ROKIT 5 are generously affordable bi-amplified professional monitors. They are equipped with matching Kevlar speakers (yellow of course) which guarantee sonic consistency across all frequencies. The versatile monitors also include a graphic equalizer with 25 settings so they can be adapted to a variety of acoustic environments.


The ROKIT 7 are seven inch powered near field studio monitors. They weigh 7.6 kg and have an output power of 145 watts. To put it in more seductive terms, the ROKIT 7s deliver exceptional sonic accuracy in the bass and overall. Audio integrity holds wherever you position the monitors, and they’re especially eye-catching thanks to matching Kevlar drivers.


Bang for your buck is a recurring theme in the ROKIT G4 range. The ROKIT 8s have an output power of 203 watts and an improved frequency response. But a pair of 8s – black or white – won’t threaten to break the bank. what are you paying for? Eight-inch near-field studio monitors with remarkable acoustic versatility thanks to the Class-D power amplifier, which drives the speakers evenly and more efficiently.


The ROKIT 10-3 are distinguished by their extended frequency response and their tri-amp power. The low end of the 10-3 will bring the feel of a Jamaican sound system party to your home studio. Along with the thundering sonic depth of the ROKIT 10-3s, the monitors maintain sonic integrity across all frequencies.

KRK V-Series

The KRK V series includes three models of near-field studio monitors. Near-field monitors tend to be placed relatively close to the listener so that listeners receive the audio signal directly, rather than having the sound influenced by room shape, size, and reflective surfaces.


The KRK V4s are full-range, two-way reference studio monitors. These are four inch studio monitors with 85 watt amplifiers. The V4s also feature KRK-designed one-inch Kevlar tweeters. These are user-friendly monitors at a reasonable price that retain all the aesthetic charm and professional performance attributes next-level V-series monitors.


The KRK V6s are full-range two-way studio reference monitors that feature a slight difference in size and price compared to the V4s. The V6s include 6.5 inch monitors and a 155 watt amp. In addition to the 6.5-inch woven Kevlar woofer designed by KRK, the V6s feature a one-inch tweeter. They produce smooth treble, bass and midrange definition and provide a wide sweet spot.


The KRK V8s are the crème de la crème of the V-Series. They are eight-inch near-field studio monitors with lightweight, patented KRK-designed woven Kevlar woofers. Combined with the one-inch tweeter, the V8s deliver exceptional audio precision suitable for recording, mixing and mastering.

KRK Classic Series

The Classic Series is a relatively new addition to the KRK family. The Classics are powered studio monitors that encompass KRK’s 30 years of experience in developing high-end studio monitors. The Classic Series monitors are informed by the concepts of previous KRK ROKIT lines with the idea of ​​optimizing critical listening and generating accurate mixes.

Classic 5

The KRK Classic 5 are active two-way studio monitors with one-inch textile tweeters and five-inch glass-aramid woofers. The Classic 5 are among the most affordable loudspeakers in the KRK range. They are equipped with 50 watts of total power; 30 watts to power the woofer and 20 watts to power the tweeter.

Classic 7

Although a moderate upgrade from the Classic 5s, the KRK Classic 7s sell for a fully accessible price. The Classic 7s are conducive to execution precise mixes and also provide the growling bass response sound engineers need. There’s 73 watts of power in the Classic 7s, powering the one-inch tweeter and seven-inch woofer.

Classic 8

The beauties of KRK’s Classic Series are the 8s. The KRK Classic 8s not only harness 100 watts of active (self-powered) monitor power, but feature eight-inch woofers to inject even meatier sound into the process. mixing. Like all Classic Series monitors, the 8 prioritizes critical listening through a flat frequency solution. To translate illiterate lingo, that means what you hear through the speakers will be relatively pure by the mix setting.

How to win?

All you have to do is pPurchase one of the featured KRK studio monitor models (KRK-CL5G3, KRK-CL7G3, KRK-CL8G3, KRK-RP5G4, KRK-RP7G4, KRK-RP8G4, KRK-RP103G4, KRK-V4S4, KRK-V6S4, KRK -V8S4) from an Australian KRK reseller (excluding Amazon) before 06/30/2022.

Go to the landing page and complete the proof of purchase form. (You must purchase in full; pending and rental purchases are not accepted.)

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