Launch of an internal studio at Delhi Government DIP


New Delhi: In a bid to make government policies and programs accessible to the public via digital medium, the Delhi government has launched its first in-house audio visual studio under the Directorate of Information and Broadcasting (DIP).

During the inauguration of the studio, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that for the first time such a studio was launched in the capital.

The studio was set up to help state departments of the Delhi government communicate their plans and policies to ordinary people through social media or other media platforms. “It will be an in-house facility, easily accessible to departments when needed,” Sisodia said.

The studio has been equipped with a soundproof installation, facilities for high-end audio, video and podcast recording, as well as a croma set up among other facilities.

Along with this, a 200 square foot LED panel was also installed in the DIP to broadcast important messages, policy information and programs to the general public.

DIP Director Manoj Dwivedi said DIP has always played an important role in conveying government messages and policies to the public. “In this digital era, he will be able to work more effectively in that direction with the help of this studio,” he said.

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